| February 3, 2013

Write a Book

There are ways to make money with a small investment that could change your life forever.  All within the confines of your own home.

Did you ever think about writing a book?

Being an Author

What subject to write about?  You only need to start with something that interests you and appears to be a subject suitable for another person.  It could be a hobby … a sport  … money investments, etc.  You do not need to write a large novel … just a short pamphlet, newsletter or booklet as a starter.

From the thousands of books available at the public library covering every subject in the universe many ideas can be found to be put down on paper.  From all this information, written by others, you can use your own ideas with a different slant; reorganizing the facts into your own words in such a manner that you do not infringe on the copyright of others.  The more you concentrate on your ideas the simpler it becomes.

To find out “how” to publish a book you may want to contact Instant Publisher on their Website  or at 800-259-2592.  They are one of the top book publishing companies for beginners on how to Self-Publish a book.

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Ernie Brown is a retired businessman from Franklin Park who is volunteering his talents to write articles for People & Places.

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