2012 Street Improvements for Elmwood Park

| October 1, 2012

2012 Street improvements underway in Elmwood Park
Water main project planned for October

ELMWOOD PARK, IL  –  Crews are hard at work on multiple street projects in Elmwood Park during September, as part of the annual street improvements for the Village.
“These are important projects that provide lasting benefits to the community, despite the short-term inconvenience they sometimes cause motorists and residents,” Village President Pete Silvestri said. “It’s another step in keeping our streets and neighborhoods clean, safe and beautiful.”

Targeted blocks include 74th Court from Wellington Avenue to Schubert Avenue; 73rd Avenue from Wellington Avenue to Wrightwood; Schubert Avenue from 73rd Avenue to Harlem Avenue; and 78th Avenue from Wellington Avenue to Sunset Avenue.

The annual program calls for grinding and overlaying of existing pavement, and, if needed, curb and gutter replacement as well minor storm sewer repairs. Manhole adjustments, pavement remarking and other improvements are performed if necessary.

“Thankfully, we are able to use revenue from the state motor fuel tax fund to pay for these improvements,” Silvestri explained. Elmwood Park received $700,000 for 2012.

A new water main project this fall includes construction of two new water mains beginning in late September or early October. Along with the water mains, crews will add new service lines and water service boxes along with new valve vaults and fire hydrants. The work will affect 75th Court between Diversey and Schubert; and Cortland between 78th Avenue and 78th Court.

The Village also launched its Green Alleys Project last week. Supported by a grant from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, the project entails the repaving of two village alleys with more environmentally friendly and “permeable” paving materials than those commonly used, such as black top. The new brick-pavers will allow for rainwater to soak into the ground, reducing water flow into the sewer system and backyard flooding, as well as reducing runoff pollutants associated with rain and snowmelt.

The Village continues moving ahead with its major flood mitigation project. The proposed plan would reduce the risk of flooding in many flood prone areas including the Westwood Subdivision. Construction could begin as early as the first half of 2013.

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