4 Employees laid off at Leyden School District 212

| September 1, 2013

Our reporter on the street received a hot tip in regards to some layoffs within the Leyden School District 212. Although he tried to arrange a one-on-one interview with School District President Greg Ignoffo, schedules conflicted. A letter with questions was sent and returned by email with answers from Superintendent Dr. Nick Polyak. Hereare the questions and answers.

Hi Mr. Baldassano,
Greg Ignoffo asked that we get back to you on the questions you had asked earlier this month. See below:

1) How many employees were laid off?
answer: 4 employees
2) What jobs were eliminated?
answer: Support Staff Positions
3) Were these union or non-union positions?
answer: Both union and non-union positions.
4) What necessitated this decision to lay off employees?
The Affordable Care Act (aka Obama care)
5) Will any of these positions affect necessary student services?
6) Has student enrollment decreased?

Thanks and have a great day!

Dr. Nick Polyak
Leyden School District 212

This is the extent of the interview, answered by e-mail in response to a mailed letter.


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