| November 2, 2012

Schiller Park Village Board Meetings – October, 2012

Highlights of the October 9th and October 23rd Village Board Meeting.

October 9, 2012

Start 8:02 pm End 8:15 pm            All Board Members Present

The following items were voted on and approved by the Village Board

  • Payment to Chicagoland Paving Contractors, Inc. in the amount of $45,000 for 2012 Street Patching Program.
  • Payment to Triple D Consulting for planning and implementation of Centennial Celebration Services in the amount of $48,000.
  • Payment of bills in the amount of $713,854.80

Public Comment:  A resident from the 4400 block of Kolze addressed the board about his concerns with a property at 4408 Kolze which was burned and has been vacant for approximately four years. He has called numerous times with no results. Village manager said he would take his name and number and get back to him.

Irene DelGuidice of the 4300 block of Atlantic Avenue addressed the board concerning the constant noise and problems involving the Public Storage facility directed behind her property.  She also asked about the construction on her street wondering who determines who gets replacement curbs. She stated her curb had a crack in it and asked for someone to look at it. Village manager said he would find out if her curb warranted replacement.

October 23, 2012

Start 8:06 pm End 8:34 pm            All Board members present

The following items were voted on and approved by the Village Board

  • $25,941.60 for 2012 sewer repair work to J & T Service, Inc.
  • $138,084.30 to Alliance Contractors Inc. for labor and materials for the US Route 12/45 Mannheim Road & United Parkway Improvements.  (Traffic Signal)
  • $129,962.20 to Suburban General Construction, Inc. for labor and material for the 2012 paving program.
  • $7,662.45 to Ziebel Water Service Products, Inc. for water hydrants, valves and accessories.
  • Payment of bills in the amount of $395,459.91.
  • Award American Brick, Inc. the job of tuckpointing the west side of the fire station at a cost of $11,400.
  • Appointment of Richard Santana as an active police reserve officer.

Village Manager Report:  Drainage portion of the Crystal Creek Project is completed. Still need to finalize landscaping and fencing.  Following up on items brought up by residents at the last meeting; Working with corporate counsel and the owners of the burned out home on Kolze to do something about the vacant property. Formal complaints may be filed. In regards to the curb work on Atlantic Avenue, it was determined that the cracked curb in front of Irene DelGuidice’s home  did not warrant replacement.

Public Comment:  Barbara Piltaver asked about the Public Notice involving the Board’s consideration of the proposed construction of a 116,000 sq. ft. warehouse in the West Gate Development TIF area. Corporate counsel explained that it is required to notify the public about the proposed redevelopment. As stated in the public notice, “all interested persons or parties are further notified and invited to submit alternative proposals for the Village owned property in the project Area for consideration by the Village until November 13 at 4 pm.”

Mrs. Piltaver asked about the construction at the Horseshoe Lounge and if they were doing a complete teardown or partial. She was told extensive renovations were being done to the property.

Mrs. Piltaver also asked when repaving would begin on Atlantic Avenue. She was informed that the Village was hopeful it would start by next week.

Next meeting is scheduled for November 13


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