| April 4, 2013

Schiller Park Village Board Meetings

March 12, 2013

Start 8:01 pm Adjourned 8:19 pm – All Present Including Village Manager and Village Attorney from Odelson & Sterk

Thomas J. Reif was issued the Oath of Office for Police Officer.

Items voted on and approved by the Village Board

  • $31,475.25 paid to Alliance Contractors, Inc. for continued work for the US Route 12/45 Mannheim Road & United Parkway Improvements
  • $5,055.00 to True North Consultants for Soil Testing Services as part of United Parkway Traffic Signal Project.
  • Ratification of proposal for Hancock engineering to prepare plans and documents for resurfacing of Wesley Terrace south of Irving Park Road as part of State Capital project grant program.
  • Payment of bills in the amount of $845,896.48
  • Lease agreement in the amount of $573 per month with Konica Minolta for copy machines.
  • Memorandum of Agreement with the Fraternal Order of Police amending the 2011-14 Collective Bargaining Agreement allowing 10-hour days for detectives and related units.
  • Report of the zoning board meeting of 2-20-13 regarding 4155 N. Mannheim Rd., UGP Schiller Park, LLC.

Ordinances Passed:

  • Kolze Avenue One Hour Parking #13-2923
  • Elevator Safety Standards #13-2924
  • Intergovernmental Agreement Relative to Groundwater Discharges from the O’Hare South Airfield Detention Basin Underdrain Collection System to Crystal Creek #13-2925

March 26, 2013

Start 8:05 pm End 8:19 pm All present including P. Joseph Montana as Village Attorney

Items voted on and approved by the Village Board

  • Purchase of a portable ADA Multi Lift Chair for the Water Park in the amount of $2,700.54
  • Adoption of a fee schedule for various recreation center activities and services as recommended by the recreation board.
  • $13,840 payable to North Town Plumbing for the emergency replacement of a water heater at the Recreation Center Building.
  • $25,290 for the 2013 Pavement Striping Program to Mark-It Striping Corporation
  • $349,370 for the Kolze Avenue Roadway and Water Main Improvements to Gerardi Sewer and Water Company.
  • Participation in the State of Illinois Road Salt Bid Program for the 2013-2014 Winter Season.
  • Payment of bills in the amount of $273,627.20
  • Appointment of Joyce Kasza to the Health Board
  • Approval of a planned unit development agreement for 4555 N. Mannheim Road. #13-2926

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