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| August 10, 2012

Schiller Park Village Board Meeting

July 24, 2012

  • Absent – Trustee Desecki
  • Start 8:03pm End 8:40pm

The following items were voted on and approved by the Mayor and Village Board.

  • Phase 3 Renovations to Stalica Park and acceptance of proposal from RGC Design Company for landscape architectural and professional design services.
  • 2012 street resurfacing project to Arrow Road Construction Company as the low responsible bidder in the amount of $153,534.
  • 2012 concrete sidewalk and repair project to the low responsible bidder Triad Concrete in the amount of $42,573.35.
  • Ratify the Agreements with Electric Service suppliers for various accounts on certain village buildings not covered by the aggregation program.
  • Rags Electric Company, Inc., the low responsible bidder was awarded the Irving Park Road Storm Lift Station “Lightening Protection Project” in the amount of $9,499.
  • Suburban General Construction Inc. was awarded the contract for the South/Linn/Ruby Streets, sewer water main and street repair work in the amount of $409,485.
  • Payment of bills in the amount of $512,717.42
  • The Board authorized an “Agency Agreement” for the acquisition of certain property within the Village of Schiller Park.
  • Payment to Schroeder Asphalt Services, Inc., for labor and materials associated with the Village Hall parking lot improvements in the amount of $74,882.11.
  • A resolution was passed in regards to the sale of a village owned 1996 auto.
  • Ordinances were amended of the New Millennium code of the Village of Schiller Park concerning traffic schedules, Water Billing Procedures, and an Intergovernmental Agreement by and between the Illinois Office of the Comptroller and the VOSP regarding access to the Comptroller’s Local Debt Recovery Program.

The Village Manager made comments on the progress of repairs of the village parking lot and that the village is moving as quickly as possible on the repairs of streets and sidewalks.

Public Comment:

  • Joseph D’Amico of 4219 Wehrman Avenue came forward with concerns about the construction debris in the area, particularly dust, and a big concern about the speeding cars going up and down his block now that the street has been reopened.  Mayor Montana stated that the Village Manager would personally follow up on the complaints.
  • Nellie Johnson of Grace Park asked if there was any possibility of getting a traffic signal on Irving Park Road by the condominiums.  Mayor stated they have asked the State prior and doubts it very much, but they will ask again.
  • Barbara Piltaver of 4303 Atlantic asked if the money allotted for street repairs would include repairing Atlantic Avenue and Montrose. Village Manager stated yes.  She asked for clarification on the monies allotted for sidewalk repairs and wanted to know what “certain property” the village was looking into acquiring. The village attorney stated the agreement could not be disclosed but would be prior to the village making any acquisitions.


Schiller Park School Dist. 81 Highlights

School District 81 Board did not meet in July. The next meeting will be held at Lincoln Middle School on August 15th at 7pm.

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