| May 5, 2013

 Pope Francis gave us all new hope and energy in his inauguration mass to his audience of viewer and pilgrims that gathered from all over the world to see and hear the new holy father speak and pray in deeply rooted prayer.

                In his own words he says now is the holy time, an occasion to restore sacredness of all life and feed those hungering and poor for the meaning of truth and peace from our hearts.

Whoever and whatever it is provides the focus and goal for Christians to do what is right.

Pope Francis’ focus is meaningful that life finds joy and peace in sharing oneself with others in life-giving relations.

Yes, people of many places it’s called generosity of spirit. Within that, we can build on in all communities that we live in here and around the world.

Only by love will we achieve this by listening to each other and working with each other. It means working for the common good of all.

It will be the strength that our holy father Pope Francis will bring to us, along with his faith and presence and love that will provide us with hope to meet the future of this ever-changing and blinded world we live in.

Yes, we have a new friend of the poor and a new open heart for the poor.

Our strength of faith and the power of love provide us hope to meet the future with our first new pope from Latin America; Francis.

Many will ask, “Will he be the one who will give us the meaning and fulfillment that we need to listen to?”

“Will he be the new pope that will teach us what God desires and not what you desire?”

Can the Vatican in Rome get used to a new way of church business or will it be the new way of holy business?

With all of this in mind, what is the real concern and message of importance that all Catholics want to hear that has made so many of them turn away and drift away from their faith?

Yes, over one billion Roman Catholics all over the world are all waiting publicly to hear from our Holy Father on what he plans on doing with the sexual abuse charges against children from Roman Catholic priests.

The following explanation is to help all of us understand the importance as Catholics, that we need honest answers worth following.

Yes people, not only will Pope Francis take control at a time of critical importance and great concern for the poor, but he also has to face the change and challenge of an uncontrolled government of the church or Curia. Now that he will be in control, he personally and privately needs to give great attention to the Roman Catholic world and try to change what has been made wrong and now make it right.

Before we invoke on anything else, the real problem remains now to draw on religious faith back into the church instead of outside of the church and save the tradition and hope for those who have lost their religion affiliation and moral obligation as Catholics to come back to church.

Yes, the biggest challenge problem for Catholics today is connecting Jesus with the church, because now there are 60% of Catholics that have cut off touch with the church.

The message is not to resist hope, peace, and prayer, but only strength of the cross.

Now is the time not to be traditionally afraid of our shadow of common sense values, but remember always to put God first above all things and everything else will follow and begin to blossom in your hope in faith.

God bless Pope Francis who will be the wind beneath our wings.



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