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| September 1, 2013

The Triumph

How do you view the future? Will the world stay the same? Get worse? Get better?

Many people in the world today sense that something “big” is about to happen because of the way the world is changing but don’t know what it will be. Soon, will the world be transformed in a shocking and beautiful way?

Over two years in the making, this new film, “The Triumph” documents this miracle and prophecy in a way never seen before.

The story begins in Medjugorje on June 24, 1981 where our lady appeared to six children. She then identified herself as the Blessed Virgin Mary, queen of peace.  The words she spoke to the visionaries, “I have come to tell the world that God exists”.

This documentary that I saw was a powerful cinematic experience for me and others who watched which made everyone open their hearts and minds to a powerful message from our lady.

Early in 1917 at Fatima, Portugal the blessed mother appeared to three shepherd children and gave them a simple conversion plan for the world. Then the Virgin Mary foretold predictions of a World War and the rise of communism. In a few words she wanted payer, penance, and amendment of life. But, her message then is only that there is peace with God and man.

According to the visionaries of Medjugorje our lady told them what began in Fatima she will complete in Medjugorje.

Yes, millions of people have gone to this small village and miraculous things have occurred that have converted lives, but there are also ten secrets about the future that will reveal changes in the world.

Mirjana, one of the visionaries will reveal the ten secrets to only one priest of her choice when she is told by our lady, but when the secrets will be revealed no one really knows. She does reveal today the solution on how we answer our Ladies call is by fasting and praying.

Our lady says that fasting can stop wars. She also talks about wars between other countries and wars with our neighborhoods and also our families.

But, will the ten secrets to each visionary leave a visible sign at the place in the middle of the worlds where east and west meets in a small Balkan village called Medjugorje or are the secrets and signs already written in stone and a part of our ten commandments that humanity has failed and forgotten to follow.

Yes, the sign of the cross is our faith and the sign on the wall is a signal of our times for conversion and deepening of our faith. This starts now so that we can Triumph with a victory for our ladies immaculate heart.

This film is about bringing peace to the world, about love for all mankind, and about the triumph of good over evil. This documentary film that I had the privilege to watch has the power to change lives especially for those who have not come to know the love of God yet.

The Triumph has several interwoven stories which include the intimate visionary Mirjana who will reveal the ten secrets to the world and Ben a young man who struggles with addiction problems searching Medjugorje for a better life.

The film makers Zaid Jazrawl and Sean Bloomfield’s mission to the people is to support the Virgin Mary as she leads us to Triumph. Yes, and hopefully the whole world will listen. Remember this film is about attaining peace in a peace less world and about Gods love for all mankind.

I recommend this film especially for young adults to watch who have lost their religious affiliation of faith and will be ready to change their life around. Let us all hope that the secrets that our Lady brings will give us a spiritual light for the entire world to follow and to prepare our souls for a Triumph over evil. Yes people of many places, in the end the immaculate heart will Triumph. Now is the time to respond to her call.

In closing, the full length documentary won’t arrive in theaters through traditional Hollywood distribution. This movie is being shown in select theaters through the Grassroots Partnership Program. This program allows parishes and nonprofit organizations to utilize this cinematic experience as a means to raise funds for their ministries.

For further information visit the movie’s website at:

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