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| February 3, 2013

It Takes You To Conquer Kids Cancer By Bob Dituri

Each year the Franklin Park firefighters and its passionate volunteers organize and host this annual celebration spending countless hours working together to achieve their goal by raising money for  children with cancer. On Friday, March 8, 2013, they will be hosting their annual St.Baldricks fundraiser at the Hanging Garden’s Banquets, 8301 Belmont Ave in River Grove IL. One of the reasons  they are so successful is because , it takes the shavees  and the beauticians and you countless donars to support the event. If you want to help just reach into that silver lining in your pockets for a few extra dollars of cash that you don’t know what to do with or, that piggy bank of small change that needs to be shaken free with care and give now. Yes, it takes all of us especially you large corporations and small businesses in all the communities to understand and realize that you are also a big part of all of this. You can make a difference by fulfilling these children’s dreams who have cancer by putting a smile on their faces. Remember funding and research works together hand and hand; the faith of human dignity is in our hands to give these kids a gift that will keep on giving. I feel that there is a passage way of hope and accomplishment for these kids if only we can help not only them but, their parents and family get through all of this without them being overwhelmed by not letting them give up with disappointment. Yes people, they need a chance to have hope and to know that deep down inside of their hearts and minds that God is working through all of us to help them all get better. Remember everyone, childhood cancer takes the lives of one of every five children diagnosed with this disease. My call again is to the parents of many places and you corporations and small businesses of many that these words of ink will reach all of you knowing that your children are well and healthy and how you can make a difference by helping. Then you remind yourself what kindness can do for so many of these kids and parents that need our help right now until there is a cure. Thank you Firefighters and its many volunteers that continue each year for your time and commitment that support the way to conquer kids cancer.
Note: Checks Payable Franklin Park Firefighters Assoc.
Address The St. Baldricks Committee
               P.O. Box 1175
               Franklin Park IL, 60131

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Robert Dituri is a guest writer to People and Places Newspaper. He can be contacted at (847) 508- 8966.

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  1. Pam Degs says:

    Again…an AWESOME article Mr. Dituri!