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| March 1, 2013

Can the New Mayoral Candidates Beat Mayor Pederson?

Robert Dituri Will the Mayoral candidates that are running have a chance to beat the political machine for the race for mayor in Franklin Park?  Yes, people today I’m not only delivering the news, but also the views of what the people really need and want to make this town a more productive and prosperous community to live in.  Well, I believe that whoever runs for mayor should campaign with positive ideas and a path that exist with energy and enthusiasm.   I believe that they must be a front runner with counterproductive thoughts by sticking to their principals, making a permanent change and presence in their political approach for this mayoral run.  Yes, opponents you must approach this election with confirm conviction and confidence and highlighting solutions with no fear of commitment.  Believe in yourself and never give up and never lose hope, because we need someone with wit and wisdom that will make this town grow together with a backbone of steel on what’s important and what really matters.

Remember candidates everyone has inside him or her piece of good news. The good news is how great you can be! How much you can love doing something! What you can accomplish! What your potential is.  So candidates, whoever wants to win this election you need not rest on your success but build on it and don’t just be ordinary but be extraordinary?  Remember to be a winner you must not approach this mayoral position with a sense of entitlement, but always with a sense of gratitude and ingrained understanding that you work for the people of Franklin Park

But, has our Local Government really worked hard enough for the best interest of its people the taxpayers of Franklin Park.   Yes everyone, as your civic watchdog and voice of Franklin Park you must know that the Chicago Tribune clearly illustrated in an article in their paper in the January 6th edition how Mayor Pederson cost the taxpayer’s 30% more than they should have pain in property taxes. Yes voters, the town used accounting maneuvers to raise all our property taxes without voters approval so as to get around the tax cap.  Local government is not the solution of the problem, it is the problem.  Come on voters, too many decisions have been discussed behind closed doors and I cannot and should not support or approve these measures and details that they have taken away from the public eye. Our community deserves a local government that is built on trust and the power to make the right decisions.  Yes, audience of the news media and fellow taxpayers you should have the ability to choose the right candidate that will hang in, hang on, and have hope so that we can rehabilitate the right image of our community that it so rightfully deserves by voting for a mayor who is honest and trustworthy and will govern the position of mayor for its people.

Remember there are winners and there are losers but we are the voters who will be the choosers that can make a difference in this mayoral race. Yes, Franklin Parkers you know what you deserve and what is necessary to build and upgrade a infrastructure that works and acts for the people of many places for a new beginning to the future.   Your vote. Your comment.

Thank you!

Robert Dituri



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