Book Review: “The Rat Who Was Into Art”

| August 13, 2012

Larry Nestor, the author, is from River Grove and a talented career writer.  In addition to writing songs, both words and music, he recently wrote a book called “The Rat Who Was Into Art.”  The book tells of Arnold, a rodent living on the streets of Paris who one day happens into the Louvre Museum of Art.  When he returns another day to get a better look, he is chased from the premises by an angry patron wielding a sword from a display of French armor. As a result of his love for fine painting, he paints a self-portrait that becomes one of the most significant works in the Louvre. The story has many emotions, but at its core is the message that we can do most anything we set our minds to. It could very well inspire young people to give art a chance. This, coupled with the many laughs and tender moments, makes “The Rat Who Was Into Art” one of Larry’s finest efforts and worthy of several readings. However, keep a Kleenex nearby just in case Arnold’s struggles bring a tear or two to your eye.

If you wish to purchase a copy of the book, send a cashier’s check or money-order for $9.00 to Larry Nestor, P.O. Box 226, River Grove, IL 60171.

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