Bob’s Perspective: “Should We Have Concealed Weapons or Not?”

| January 1, 2013

Life today is like a box of chocolates everyone; you never know what you’re going to get. Yes, people of many places and especially the city of Chicago seem to be going back in the time machine in the wild, Wild West days of our lives where we will be carrying and drawing guns from our holsters to protect ourselves. Let’s hope not.  Does this mean that people will be taking the law into their own hands?  It’s possible.  Will Illinois pass legislation and approve this bill for everyone over twenty-one to carry a concealed weapon to protect themselves?

Come on people, what is the answer to this madness all around us where we have to bear arms and walk around with concealed weapons or should I say put a strict ban on arms control so that adults and children will not suffer the circumstances by being shot to death.  Believe me, if you get angry about all of this, rage is a perfectly understandable response to this concealed weapons idea.  If you really want to make a difference, don’t support a bill to be passed that the NRA favors to make a profit on.

Stand up taxpayers for what is right and send a message or letter and command the attention of our state representative and governor. Let them know  they must respond more spontaneously to this issue or all of us will suffer the consequences if this bill is passed.  Please let us not forget the past that will always haunt us forever in the violet killings in Columbine, Virginia Tech, the Dark Night theatre killings and most recently the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy. 26 innocents being murdered in cold blood which was terrifying and not real to the imagination; something that will always put fear and panic in those who survived this tragedy all the days of their lives.

Yes, these children had their lives taken away from them in the second deadliest killing that clarifies a problem in the system that the lawmakers need to change. Before it’s too late everyone, let’s push to put a ban on assault rifles and hand guns in the wrong hands. Let’s stop the violence that has killed again adults and children who had their lives ahead of them.

If you want to protect us all, put the rifles and guns in the hands that serve and protect us in our communities. Support the men and women who bear arms protecting our freedom for duty, honor, and country in our military.

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Robert Dituri is a guest writer to People and Places Newspaper. He can be contacted at (847) 508- 8966.

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    I’m glad to see that Bobby DIturi is back writing for a newspaper again. I’ve been a lifelong friend of Bobby for many years. He’s an extremely caring person and wants to try to combat some of the issues we have in our society today. There is no easy answer, but we need to do something, like getting rid of all assault weapons off the street and make sure that only the Military and Police Officers can carry them. And start letting the Police Officers do their job, unless your on the street with these cops you don’t know what their dealing with, they don’t pay them enough to put their lives on the line .

  2. Raquel DalPorto says:

    Whether you agree with Bob or disagree, we can all cheer on that we have the freedom of speech in our great country. The U.S. has been faced with many trying issues over the last ten years but as always we will strive to be the best country on the planet.

  3. Nina Ramos and David Borus says:

    After reading this article we agree that having concealed weapons or not is an epidemic that the Chicago land and the US are faced with every day. We look forward to read more articles from you.

  4. Glenn says:

    It isn’t easy to convince someone that their perspective is wrong but Bob, you’re solution is way too simplistic! You are like the City of Chicago City Council and the State of Illinois Senate. They arrogantly believe that because they pass a law people will comply. They can’t be that ill-informed or downright ignorant; they surely know their path won’t lead to a safer society. Certainly, the last 30 years in Chicago have proven otherwise.

    Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the entire U.S. and, with that in mind, review the following information — In the last six months of 2012, 292 people have been killed (murdered) (500 all year) in Chicago compared to 221 killed in Iraq; 446 school age children have been shot so far and 62 school age children have been murdered — so much for gun laws, the murder rate and the threat to society.

    The real problem with gun control laws is that they affect only law abiding citizens. You can put your “strict ban” in place and it will do nothing to reduce crime. Are you really naive enough to think that criminals with illegal guns care about the law? I think they laugh at the gun laws, the law makers and the citizens who support those laws. There were a near record number of murders in Chicago last year and not one was committed by a legally obtained and legally possessed weapon. So, why would you think that allowing responsible citizens to carry weapons would exacerbate the problem? Those ignoring the law will continue to ignore the law and the law abiding citizen will continue to obey the laws.

    The “time machine in the wild, wild west days…” is an argument that has been used in every state when the issue of concealed carry comes up. A good example is Ohio. Ten years ago they debated concealed carry and all those arguments including the “wild, wild west” argument was brought forward by the opponents. In 2003 Ohio passed a concealed carry law and there has not been one significant incident in that state since. Incidentally, Illinois is the only state that does not have a concealed carry law.

    Do you really want people to encourage Illinois legislators to not pass a concealed carry law? On December 11, 2012 the Federal Appellate Court gave the State of Illinois 180 days to pass a concealed carry law. Are you really suggesting that our legislators defy a court order? What happens if the Illinois legislature follows your recommendation? The problem is that the Illinois legislature wants to keep fighting because they don’t like the ruling but the Illinois legislature is smart enough to realize that they have no choice. Better to come up with a responsible law than to have the courts implement a law. I am sure that Illinois will appeal to the Federal Supreme Court but there is speculation that the court will not even hear the case as they have already ruled on the issue.

    You, of course, mentioned the four recent tragedies involving guns. Responsible gun owners are sickened and saddened when people commit crimes like that. The guns are just a tool. Guns don’t kill, people kill. Wouldn’t the efforts to fight crimes like that be more productive if society started concentrating on the issues that drove those individuals to do what they did? Maybe we should try harder to work more effectively with mental illness issues and attitudes towards violence. If drugs are the issue why don’t you recommend that we get tough with drugs and start random drug testing for all licensed drivers, welfare recipients and public officials?

    The sad truth is that we live in an increasingly violent society. That combined with our economic problems and an aging society make the average citizen feel much more vulnerable to crime. Simply stated, people don’t want to be victims. We cannot (as you say) only “put the rifles and guns in the hands that serve and protect us.” The police can’t be everywhere. I live in Schiller Park where the police response time is minimal, (better than average) a little over two minutes. Even at that, a criminal can do a lot of damage in two minutes. Can you imagine the damage a criminal can do in the city of Chicago, where the average response time to a 911 call is over 11 minutes?

    Some people believe that a concealed carry license is a license to kill. Nothing could be further from the truth. If a person with a concealed carry license shoots and kills a person without just cause, they are arrested for murder, just like anyone else. People who have concealed carry licenses cannot afford to be careless, they must be extremely careful to make sure their actions are justified as any shooting will be reviewed and analyzed.

    As long as I am pointing out problems with your comments, your statement regarding the NRA’s support of a bill from which they can profit is also inaccurate. The NRA is a not for profit association, they do not sell a product and they do not generate profits.

    In spite of and because of the discussion, both pro and con, isn’t it about time to support concealed carry in Illinois and encourage our legislators to pass a responsible, reliable and practical law?

  5. Deanna Possemato says:

    FP Resident
    Bob my husband and I loved reading your articles in the FP Herald. We were upset we didnt see you in there anymore. We are very happy to see you found a new home in people and places. We look forward to more stories. Great article keeep them coming.
    Deanna Possemato

  6. Demi Ryan says:

    After reading Bob’s article it’s nice to see him back and writing for your paper. I enjoy reading his perspective and look forward to more upcoming commentaries.

  7. SP resident says:

    All of this would be good in a perfect world but I myself and a number of others support the CCW in Illinois, little known fact since it was never aired on TV the shooting at the Oregon Mall was thwarted by A CCW Holder. The CCW holder was interviewed by a local TV station. Those of you who think people like me are crazy are wrong, we respect the right and the responsibilities that comes with carrying a weapon. All of us understand the ramifications of discharging a weapon. Unlike the gang member who pulls a illegally obtained AK and sprays into a crowd just to kill 1 rival gang member, they just don’t care, but we as law abiding citizens DO!!

  8. Schiller Park Voter says:

    Barbara, while I totally disagree with Bob,and since there isn’t an opposing view in your paper,is it safe to assume you agree with Bob? If you don’t please let the Schiller Park voter’s know where you stand on gun issues since you are running for Mayor. Thanks.

    • Barbara Piltaver says:

      Dear Schiller Park Voter: The opinions expressed in People & Places newspaper are not necessarily the opinion of People & Places and/or the Publisher. Please do not “assume” that the paper agrees with what is written by someone else. Opposing views would come from you the readers and we are happy to post them. People & Places supports the 1st Amendment. Since the publisher is keeping the paper neutral on the mayoral race in Schiller Park, the publisher cannot to that end address the issue in the paper. If you want to attend one of the party’s meet and greets, you can address the question there. If you would like to give an opposing opinion on this article, please do so to the writer of the article, Bob Dituri. Your comments will be posted. Thanks for taking the time to write in.