| July 31, 2016

Back in November of 2013 we wrote our article on ELECTION JUDGES.
With the coming November 2016 Elections and the local elections in March of 2017 it would only be proper to do this article again …
Every time there is an election the Board of Elections Commissioners employs thousands of people to administer the polling locations. In each precinct at least one judge representing each political party must be assigned.
They must be certified as having satisfactorily completed a training course and examination. This course requirement covers all the duties and responsibilities of elections. It consist of, at least, four hours of instruction with an examination which monitors a reading test skill, the ability to work with polling lists, the ability to add and the knowledge of election laws.
To become an Election Judge you can contact the chairman of the party of your choice … your local county clerk … or the Board of Election Commissioners and express your interest to serve as a Judge of Elections.
The qualifications are basic. You need to be a US citizen. You will need to speak, read and write the English language … however being fluent in Spanish and/or Polish will help.
Election Judges secure the polling place. They are paid $170 for the day. You do need to get up early, but this is a small price to pay to secure our country’s vote!


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