Elmwood Park Village Board Approves Flood Mitigation Plan

| October 3, 2012

Village Board unanimously approves flood mitigation plan
Project to move forward with planning and design

ELMWOOD PARK – The Elmwood Park Village board voted unanimously this week to adopt a resolution to approve a momentous flood mitigation plan.  The resolution accepts the preliminary engineering plan and allows engineers to begin their detailed planning and design phase.

“The flood mitigation project is crucial because of the relief that it will provide to so many of our residents,” said Village President Pete Silvestri. “We have been deliberate with this project because we need to get it right the first time. We don’t want to rush into something of this magnitude, but it is time to take the next step.”

The Flood Mitigation plan calls for the construction of new storm sewers for a large portion of the Village. Currently, the Village is serviced by combined sewers which convey both domestic sewage and storm water runoff to a treatment facility. Separating storm water from domestic sewage will benefit the Village by increasing capacity, especially during heavy rain fall.

The majority of construction will occur in the northern part of Elmwood Park including the Westwood Subdivision. Approximately 240 acres of the Village will directly benefit from the separation of the storm and domestic sewers. The Village also plans to make some needed repairs to pipes that are uncovered during the installation of new storm sewers. Many of the Village’s sewers and water mains are more than 75 years old and need to be replaced.

“If we discover deteriorated pipes while we have the street open, they will be addressed,” said Silvestri. “We have a unique opportunity to look at existing infrastructure while the new sewers are laid. It would be foolish not to take advantage of this opportunity. The Village will save a lot of money this way.”

The Board also this week authorized the issuance of bonds that will help pay for the project. The Metropolitan Water and Reclamation District has already committed $5.7 million toward the project.

“We will have sufficient revenue from the Village’s Water Fund to finance the general obligation bonds that will be issued for the project for at least five years and maybe beyond,” Village Manager Paul Volpe explained. “S&P’s recent AA rating for the Village reflects the strong financial position and management of Elmwood Park, and that will be reflected in the costs of borrowing associated with the project.”

More information on the Flood Mitigation Plan can be found on the Village’s website www.elmwoodpark.org.

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