Elmwood Park Voice Party announces Candidates

| January 1, 2013


Lifelong Residents Add Flooding, Commercial Development Experience to Slate

Lifelong residents James Pape and Rocco Carrozza are running for trustee on the Elmwood Park Voice Party ticket, rounding out a full slate of candidates that includes Elvis Hernandez for Trustee, Diane Marchetti for Village Clerk, and Joe Ponzio for Village President. “We couldn’t be more excited to have such great neighbors on our ticket,” explained Ponzio. “With his background in commercial real estate banking and his experience on Elmwood Park’s Planning, Zoning and Development Board, Pape can help turn our vision for a thriving business district into a reality.” “Carrozza brings three generations of business, flood-mitigation, and real estate experience which means that Elmwood Park families can begin to have confidence in their home values and basements again. And, you would be hard-pressed to find a man with more integrity or charity in his heart.” Ponzio continued, “When two trustee spots opened on our ticket, we were honored that so many neighbors contacted us to get involved. Pape and Carrozza bring additional experience and integrity to the ticket; we will really get the town moving again. I’m enthusiastic to work with them and with all of our neighbors towards a brighter future.” Over the past two weeks, the landscape of the April 9th Elmwood Park election changed as one new party emerged, one party dissolved, and some candidates jumped from party to party. The only constant throughout has been the grassroots, neighbor-run Elmwood Park Voice Party. Said Ponzio of the changes, “The Voice Party’s platform of fresh eyes on taxes and spending, more transparency, and more resident feedback and involvement hasn’t changed. If that no longer appeals to someone, they are free to switch parties. After all, that is what makes America great – free choice.”

In response to President Peter Silvestri’s announcement that he would not seek reelection, Ponzio said, “As I’ve said throughout the campaign, Pete accomplished a lot of great things for the community during his tenure and I look forward to building on that, should our neighbors choose the Voice Party in April. Though we respectfully disagreed on some policies, we never disagreed on personality; we were, are, and will continue to be friends.”

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