Elmwood Park waives permit fees associated with Flood Repairs.

| June 1, 2013
Village to waive all permit fees associated with flood clean-up
Flood follow-up to look for new ways of responding to future events
ELMWOOD PARK –  Elmwood Park Village President Angelo “Skip” Saviano announced that the village is waiving permit fees for all construction and repair efforts related to the devastating flooding in  April.
“People have suffered enough from the floods,” Saviano said. “I just felt it wasn’t necessary to burden them any further with additional fees involved in restoring their homes and putting their lives back together.”
Permits will still be required for repairs, but fees normally associated with such permits will not be imposed for any work related to the flooding. Normal inspections will still be required. Building inspectors will determine if the work being conducted is related to the flood.
Saviano also said he has been in contact with Village Manager Paul Volpe and Department Heads to assess the village’s response to the flooding. While he thanked everyone for their hard work and dedication in keeping residents safe, Saviano said he wants to look at several new ideas that could help bolster response efforts in the event of future storms or other natural disasters.
“We may not be able to control when and where Mother Nature will strike next,” Saviano said. “But, we must do all we can to make sure we’re prepared so that our residents are as safe as possible.”
Anyone with ideas or concerns about the village’s flood response is encouraged to call Village Hall at 708-452-7300.

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