| January 1, 2015

Find a job and career in Franchising …
Putting BORN entrepreneurs aside … to most of us the idea of starting a business completely from scratch is a scary thought. However, you may be a perfect candidate for opening a franchise. With good credit or the ability to raise money you could own the next Subway or Burger King Etc. in your neighborhood. Not only will you be starting an already proven business model, you will, also, enjoy a national name recognition and training typically made available to you as a franchisee.
In many cases you may only be required an investment of less than
$70,000. Your bank or credit union may offer loans or lines of credit if you qualify. Interest may be higher through the bank loans, but this route is often quicker than going through government agencies, However, the government loans should not be over looked.
Whether you open a franchise directly or start your own business from
scratch you’ll have to decide how much startup cash you need. You can
decide to “pay as you go” if you have the ability of budgeting for the future and reinvesting your profits.
You can find advice on franchising and opportunities through the
International Franchise Association … You may want to try them out before you select the franchise you invest in.

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