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| January 1, 2013

Dear Barb …

I feel compelled to comment on your “Message From The Publisher” in the December issue of People & Places.

I must say, during your time on Motorsports Unlimited, I never saw any sign of your genuine love of animals. I say “genuine” because I don’t believe anyone, who didn’t love animals, could have written that beautiful, touching piece describing the new additions to your family and the effect they’re having on those with seniority. You seem to be sensitive to their pain too (and sharing previously unshared love is painful).

Perhaps most important was your observation of the joy they bring. This is something that can’t be purchased … it only comes from giving of one’s self. You see, the joy you feel, as you cuddle them, isn’t something they provide … it’s a reflection of your own heart. So many never know that joy and I feel sorry for them because I know their pursuit of stuff will ever bring them the feeling they chase …. because it doesn’t come from the outside … It come from within … There is no other way …

When I read the follow up piece you printed to underscore what you were trying to express I was equally impressed. There is no question you were always visually compelling (and still are) and few men could not enjoy the way you swing your skirt as you walk … but that momentary pleasure pales by seeing what a fine woman you’ve become …

I’m proud to know you and call you my friend …

Bill Wildt, Motorsports Unlimited

Please Plan Ahead —-
I received  my People & Places (Serving Leyden Township) December 2012 issue today (Dec 17,2012)  I noticed in our last issue that most things being advertised as”Upcoming EVENTS” were things that have already happened. , Things that probably would have been nice to know about (ahead of time).   As I said today is the 17Th of December over half of the “DECEMBER UPCOMING EVENTS” listed in the paper have already happened.  AND WE MISSED ‘EM …. Missed Santa’s Winter Wonderland on Dec 8 in S.P.,, Missed the Polar Xpress Dec 8Th in F.P. .. I guess I am asking if you want to advertise an event Garage Sale, Community Event, or a special for your business, St.Patrick’s Day dinner or drink special in March., you need to get it to the paper Well Over a month before the issue you want it to show up in. Otherwise you get it advertised for the 8Th but No-One See’s it until the 18Th.  Then you wonder why no-one showed up.  So Please Plan Ahead.
Nothing drives me more crazy than
IF I ONLY KNEW. Beth (No last name given)
Publisher’s Note: As we replied to Beth, it is difficult with a monthly newspaper to keep events “up to date”, especially when readers don’t receive or pick up a copy of the paper until the middle of the month. We encourage our readers, if they have internet access, to read the Community Calendar immediately when it is posted on our website which is usually the first day of the month, so they can mark their calendars for events of interest to them. Or, papers are distributed to our numerous drop locations within days of the 1st of the month, but they can go quickly at those locations; another reason to subscribe.  And yes, if an organization is planning an event, it’s best to let us know well in advance so we can advertise it early and people can plan ahead. We try very hard to keep people informed about upcoming events through our website and Facebook page. We also encourage readers to subscribe, as our subscribers normally receive their papers during the first few days of the month. Thanks Beth for your comments, we appreciate you taking the time to write. 

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Barbara is the publisher of People and Places Newspaper which she started in August of 2011. A lifelong resident of Schiller Park, she always felt it important that residents needed to be kept informed about their communities. Since newspaper coverage for Schiller Park stopped about twenty years ago, she made it a goal to bring a newspaper back to the area. She tries to include all of Leyden Township in her reporting and wants to keep true with the mission of the paper to "inform, educate and entertain."

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