| June 6, 2015

You do not need to have a fancy degree to earn a good salary. Here are just few examples … you would not believe how much these jobs pay:
1. A PROFESSIONAL GOLF-BALL DIVER could be perfect for you.
An estimated 300 million golf ball are lost each year and DIVERS are sent out to fetch them. The finding golf balls is now a $200 million-a-year industry and the GOLF-BALL DIVER earns between $50,000 and $100,000 a year. The hiring is done by the golf course management.
2. Do you look good in brown? Consider driving a UPS delivery
van. UPS pays their DELIVERY DRIVERS an average of $77,000 a year. Seasonal drivers get tips that add to this salary. All you need is a good driving record.
3. In 2013 Americans consumed a billion packages of HOT DOGS.
The vendors who sold them earned as much as $100,000 a year. A large city would be the best place to start .. like Chicago or New York. You may need to pay a fee to get a coveted spot, but it will be worth it!
4. Every hour there are 5,000 planes in the sky and AIR TRAFFIC
CONTROLLERS keep all these planes at a safe distance from each other. The average salary for a CONTROLLER is around $188,750 a year. However, the mandatory retirement age is 56 and you need to enter the field prior to this age.

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