Halloween Safety for Children

| October 30, 2014

IMG_0067[1] Happy Halloween!

1.   Trick or Treat in groups and stay with your group.

2.  Do not go out alone.

3.  Have an adult with you.

4.  Have a plan about where you are going.

5.  Carry a flashlight and wear warm clothing.

6.  Watch out for cars. Look both ways before crossing the street.

7.  Go only to homes of friends and neighbors that you know.

8.  Do not take candy or money from strangers.

9.  Do not go to homes of strangers.

10.  Do not go inside any homes.

11.  Do not go into dark alleys or other dark places.

12.  Be alert – Know who and what is around you.

13.  Wear bright colors so you can be seen.

14.  Do not wear costumes that will make you trip and fall.

15.  Do not wear costumes that have small eyeholes.

16.  Throw away unwrapped candy.

17.  Have your parents check all candy and treats.

18.  Do not play tricks on friends.

19.  Always be careful.

20.  Have fun!

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