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| December 1, 2013

You can be an INVENTOR with HAMPTON DIRECT …                                                                                                   

HAMPTON DIRECT                                                                                                                                                                                        

Do you have a great product idea that started inside your own  home … but don’t know what to do next?  These ideas may improve the World’s consumer if implemented properly.  All you need is help with taking this idea to market.   HAMPTON DIRECT may be your answer.  It is a company dedicated  to enriching life by providing solutions to everyday problems with innovated products.  They are an industry leader when it comes to developing, manufacturing and marketing products to consumers worldwide.  Hampton Direct has a proven track record and have produced some of the most successful products in “As Seen on TV”  history.  If they believe your product and/or idea is marketable they will invest in it 100% to get it to the marketplace.  They offer a competitive and fair compensation in return to inventors who partner with them.  Still not sure how to get your idea to a marketable location?  You can visit their website at www.hamptondirect.com to find out more or send an e-mail to Elizabeth Austin at inventors@hamptondirect.com.  Through their website you can even connect with other inventors that have worked through Hampton Direct in the past and receive their feedback on their experiences.

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