| April 14, 2017

Find a job and career as an INSURANCE SALES AGENT …
Everybody needs insurance and the need for agents to sell it. Whether Property, Casualty,
Life, Health and/or Long-term care the need for agents is there. Those selling Health and
Long-term care insurance is particularly high demand to meet the needs of newly insured
and the aging population. Even as more people now turn to the internet to research policies
agents are still needed to close the deal, process the paperwork and advise on more complicated
The entry-level education requirement is just a high school diploma. However, a bachelor degree
may give you a leg up on the completion for entry-level education, but it is not needed. It is
necessary to get a license to sell insureance in the state where you work, which may require you
to complete certain courses, pass an exam and focus on insurance laws. Knowledge of other
aspects of the business will help.
The job growth for insurance agents from 2014 to 2016 has topped 30% and the same trend is
showing up in 2017. The projected job growth from 2017 to 2024 shows a 9.8% increase. As of January of 2017 the total number of jobs in the market showed to level at 849,193 with a median
annual salary of $47,632.
Many of the jobs available come out of insurance companies … such as Metlife, State Farm and
other developed companies. If you are interested to know more you may want to follow up on
companies that are involved in insurance … it may be a way to get into the industry without any
problems and to build an experience background.


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