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| May 14, 2017

Find a job and career as an INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR …
Do you speak more than one language? If you speak a language
other than English you may be very valuable to the work field.
All sorts of institutions need help with languages, courts, social
service agencies, customer service centers … to name a few.
Typically you may need to get certified, but with that done you
will have the freedom of freelancing and creating your own
translator’s job.
To get started you can check in with the website of the American
Translator Association (ATA) … Membership in
the American Translator Association is an invaluable asset for
translators and interpreters working in the industry. Each member
gains knowledge from each other and learns where the jobs are
available. The ATA can even assist a person to get properly certified.
Periodically the ATA holds conferences allowing people to know
them. They are scheduled locally in newspapers, magazines and
business directories. To find a complete list of conferences you
want to check ATA’s web for more information …
You can search for translation and interpreting services by
languages, subjects and more.


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