“It’s not what you can do for your people, it’s what you can do for yourself”

| April 3, 2013

This is a reprint from an article Bob released in 2012.

The year’s ending has approached us quickly in the year 2012. As we look back at the year with its tragedies, hardships, disasters, and climate changes, we have come to see a darkness that does not shed any light. Yes, it’s been a darker shade of the blues all around middle and poor town America for many people who are struggling to keep there heads above troubled times.

Many people today are facing challenges and conditions in their every day lives that are hard to swallow. The world is spinning too fast with technology that is never ending. Violence has reached an all time high here and all around the world which seems to be escaping us with no measure of hope.

What has happened to the human race? Have we fallen asleep in our faith and hope for our Washington leaders and elected officials here who are now displaying uncertainty for it’s people who may not be assured of something or maybe nothing in there golden years of life?. Should we say we have nothing to fear but fear itself? Despite our daily sadness on what is happening around us, we must stay strong in the lifestyle that is handed to us with satisfaction to make our lives meaningful and worth while.

The society we have grown into has become hectic for the young as well as the old and seems to be cluttered with many distractions to keep our sanity and maintain peace of mind with ourselves. Maybe it’s time to become a functional society instead of a dysfunctional one. Maybe change our attitudes, goals, and morals and try to listen to each other instead of fighting like the republicans and democrats and start worrying of the common good of the people.

Yes, Mr. Washington D.C., stop the foolishness and insecurities and give a purpose in life so that we are able to help the working class, seniors and poor, to have hope as they rightfully deserve. Do not make life sources and purposes unreached and forgotten. Let every person have a reason to believe as we believe in God. Remember everyone, government is not our solution to the problems, it is the problem. Until we all can accept what has happened and move beyond it, we can’t make things different but letting their mistakes and failures and set backs ruin our daily lives.

So wake up Washington D.C., Mr. Speaker of the house, and congress men and women. Remember, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. Yes, elected officials in Washington D.C., it was John F. Kennedy’s words we just heard in his inauguration speech who gave these words of truth, hope, and wisdom to the American people that allowed all of us then to utilize each day for the greatest good of ourselves and the others by making each day count today in order to preserve a better tomorrow for the American peoples’ dreams.

Yes people, I have a dream and my dream is In God We Trust. “God Bless America”.

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Robert Dituri is a guest writer to People and Places Newspaper. He can be contacted at (847) 508- 8966.

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