| April 5, 2015

The jobs with most security …
Even as the economy is gaining strength many people still are worried about their job security. For job seekers there is concern over the security of any job prospects they may find
The Federal Government has just released a listing of the most secure jobs available. This list generally fell into 5 Industries … Public Administration; Manufacturing; Transportation and Warehousing; Wholesale Trade and Finance/Insurance. Check out this list from PayScale, which ranked the industries where employees last the longest in their positions.
PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Public-sector jobs often have a reputation for being secure. According to the PayScale report, public administration workers averaged about 9.7 years in their jobs. These are administrative and office-type jobs that require good computer skills.
MANUFACTURING: The manufacturing sector has stabilized recently. The employment averaged about 7.2 years. This sector includes plants, factories, mills, and similar organizations.
TRANSPORTATION AND WAREHOUSING: This sector covers a wide variety of jobs … transporting and warehousing goods, pipeline and dispatching. Workers averaged about 7.1 years in their jobs. Specialized training is often required for careers for this sector for the knowledge of transportation regulations.
WHOLESALE TRADE: The average employment for this sector is about 7 years. This covers jobs In marketing, advertising, sales and customer service.
FINANCE AND INSURANCE: This sector covers companies engaged in financial transactions, underwriting annuities and employee benefit programs. These jobs averaged about 6.9 years for employment.

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