Keeping the Hands on Newspaper

| July 4, 2013

Are we wired and less connected?

Is technology evolving too quickly and taking us all away from our daily newspapers grasp at hand?

What is wrong with all of this you people of many places?

Do you feel that the world is socially dying without technology?

Have we lost our sense of common sense with technology that keeps knock, knock, knocking at our computers door?

Do we have too many phones and too many I-pads and too may text messages going on in the same room spelling out and selling out our personalities?

Are most of us addicted to texting and tweeting instead of talking and socializing?

In this global world that we live in have we all found ourselves digitally overloaded with too much technology and not enough common ground technology?

Is this what you call shaping the future and helping the people find their designs of thinking and problem solving in this digital age of today?

So have you all felt that the hands on newspaper is slowly disappearing before our very eyes with very little ink left to roll over the type set of real hands on news?

What has happened people, to the circulation of our newspaper and massive restructuring and painful changes that have caused the size of the paper to lose its recognition amongst the readers?

Unfortunately this has become the nature of the newspaper business to keep it running by cutting cost and having fewer staff members for its makeup and operation of the news to keep it going.

Yes people, we must not let the paper hurl to the bottom because of changes but come up to the top to survival to keep the printed newspaper from going away and shrinking away because of technology.

Remember, technology doesn’t always have to win.

Remember as always the newspaper here and in the inner city has always been serving their communities in efforts to get things done for betterment of its readers.  Keeping you and everyone in touch with its news feeds and spiral of events of village and big city reporting that gives all the readers wealth of informative news and updates as they happen.

I feel what the people really want to hear and read is the creativity and compassion that is written in the writer’s craft of their stories that keeps the readers and viewers sitting at the cutting edge of their newspapers grasp at hand.

Come on people isn’t it true that there isn’t a sane person on the face of this earth that doesn’t hunger and linger for good news from the daily hands on newspaper?

Yes, its business and advertizing and people all like you who support your local and big city newspaper.  People who still enjoy and appreciate holding on to your newspaper of news that might be struggling in size and circulation but, will never go down in defeat because for all of its readers.  There will always be that light from the photographer’s cameras that will always give us successful images and also the strong energy of news reporting that comes from the writers and reporters to keep Mr. Newspaper circulating and expanding for its daily, weekly, and monthly readers who love to hold and can still feel the energy of keeping it alive.

Extra, extra, the ink and paper on my hands will always make me feel good about keeping Mr. Newspaper alive.

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Robert Dituri is a guest writer to People and Places Newspaper. He can be contacted at (847) 508- 8966.

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