Kiddieland Sign Restoration Ceremony

| October 8, 2012

The Melrose Park Historical Society unveiled and rededicated the Kiddieland Amusement Park sign on September 28, now located on the north side of the Historical Center at the Melrose Park Library, 801 N. Broadway in Melrose Park.

Society members were anxious to celebrate the tedious refurbishing of the much-loved and well-known signage that once summoned North Avenue and 1st Avenue passers-by to the amusement park for over 80 years. The park closed in 2009, however, generations of Kiddieland-goers are still finding it hard to believe that Art Fritz’s dream of a fun place for families is now a retail giant. Those who made the restoration possible will be honored. Dominic J. DiSilvio of D.M.D. Services donated the sign to the MPHS; Melrose Park Mayor Ron Serpico, Director of Public Works Gary Marine, Library Director Barbara Giordano and MPHS President Carmella Pope and Treasurer Ralph Ravanessi will be acknowledged for their contributions. The event  featured a carnival-like atmosphere and area residents were invited to share stories and memories. Author Pam Turlow and artist Brian Flanagan were on hand. Turlow, author of “The Cotton Candy Road Trip,” journals her visits to over 40 amusement parks throughout the country; Flanagan’s hand-painted limited edition of the Kiddieland sign was donated to the library and is available at Anyone interested in displaying their Kiddieland photos/artifacts at the Library’s Historical Center should call 708-343-3391; park lovers can also record their oral history stores for the library’s digital archive at Call the Library for an appointment.

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