| April 2, 2013

Dear Readers,

I would like to address one of the Letters to the Editor in this month’s paper. The writer questioned my “intentions, judgment and character” in the fact that there were negative comments printed in the Open Forum section and Letters to the Editor in the March issue of People & Places, aimed mainly at the current mayor of Schiller Park.  Since I am a candidate for mayor in the April 9th election, the writer pointed out that this seemed a bit “coincidental” and “ironic” that they should appear now during election time.

As I explained to the writer in a return email; I do not make these submissions up. They are mailed, emailed, and called in to the paper. Some come signed, others do not, but that is the whole purpose of Open Forum, to give people the opportunity to speak out without having to sign their name. The Journal-Topics Newspaper in Des Plaines also has a “Speak Out” where people can say whatever anonymously.  Obviously, vulgar or inappropriate submissions would not be allowed.

In addition, if I receive a submission, signed or unsigned, and I do not print it, I definitely hear about it. If readers take the time to submit something and I don’t acknowledge it, they feel I am censoring their comments. I also pointed out that had I received anything positive in regards to the current Schiller Park mayor, I would have printed those also. However, I haven’t received any.  I realized that printing these letters would put me in a “trick bag” and I suspected someone would accuse me of ill intentions. As the saying goes, “I was damned if I do and damned if I don’t.”

As an editor, I could have chosen to eliminate the writer’s comments, but I chose not to.  The printing of these letters have nothing to do with intentions, judgment or character; they have everything to do with engaging the public and finally giving them an outlet for their comments which we have not had in this area in a very long time. For instance, although I have my own opinions about certain matters concerning the school board and elections, I have been printing both sides and giving everyone an equal opportunity to express their side of the story. I am leaving my editorials out.

People and Places Newspaper fully supports the First Amendment and welcomes both sides of any topic.

Barbara Piltaver, Publisher
People & Places Newspaper

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Barbara is the publisher of People and Places Newspaper which she started in August of 2011. A lifelong resident of Schiller Park, she always felt it important that residents needed to be kept informed about their communities. Since newspaper coverage for Schiller Park stopped about twenty years ago, she made it a goal to bring a newspaper back to the area. She tries to include all of Leyden Township in her reporting and wants to keep true with the mission of the paper to "inform, educate and entertain."

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