| November 1, 2012

I am writing because as a voter I am disgusted with the smear campaign Kathleen Willis is running. Who is Kathleen Willis and what are her credentials making her worthy of being my state representative?  All I see are scare tactic campaign ads being mailed to my house, along with name calling. Is this how you win over the voter today by trash talking the incumbent?  Kathleen Willis is not a career politician her ad states. This would lead me to believe she does not know what she is doing and will be a puppet politician for the Democratic party/club. Do we need another member of the CLUB which has already run our state into bankruptcy?

I have a lot of unanswered questions for Ms. Willis. The problem is she does not return phone calls or e-mails when communicated to. I know I have tried to contact her to ask her questions. Is this how she will run an elected officials office when constituents try to contact her?

Alfonzo Baldassano
Northlake, Illinois

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  1. Kris says:

    I agree! I was approached by an ill-dressed woman close to 7 months ago who introduced herself as Kathleen Willis. I had a good laugh at her “copy of a copy” flyer asking for what I look for in a community or what I feel the issues are. She’s not a career politician, that’s for sure. Word of advice…When you’re a nobody (to the general public), sweatpants and a tee are not a good representation of yourself of your intentions. I may not be too involved in local Politics, but I’d never vote for someone who I feel doesn’t care enough to get dressed in the morning when campaigning.