Letter to the Editor – How much money is enough to get elected?

| April 1, 2013

As a voter I am displeased with the antics of New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg coming to Illinois to buy elections in our State. What is astonishing is the dead silence on this issue by the voters, our unbiased media and elected officials. Sure it may be legal to donate money to whatever candidate you like, but there is more to it than that. Where does it end and just how wealthy do you have to be to run for a political office? This to me is a serious ethical issue. Any candidate from any party, who accepts major campaign contributions, knows they are beholding to that contributor and whatever political agenda they hold. What about “We the people….. where do we fit in? Maybe the word ethics is no longer in the politicians desk reference dictionary. What I see here is a powerful billionaire using his wealth and political influence to disrupt the balance and integrity of our election system. Where is the ceiling on campaign funds?

Recently some Illinois elected officials have got into trouble for the misuse of their campaign funds. Maybe the Illinois Democratic Party’s campaign funds are down. Possibly political donations are not what they used to be for the Democrats in Illinois because of the abuse issue. Otherwise can someone explain why New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg, the billionaire Democrat appeared on the scene using his money to buy elections in Illinois? What stake will the Mayor of New York City hold in Illinois politics if the candidate’s he supported should win?

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