Letters to the Editor – August 2012

| August 10, 2012

The weather is so weird, the government must be controlling it!

Pat Winkler, Schiller Park


This letter is for all people who have respect and compassion for animals. I live next store to someone who enjoys abusing animals. I have caught him shooting birds and especially squirrels with an air gun. I have watched him throw firecrackers in the trees and terrorize birds with no fur or wings to fly and baby squirrels too young to get out of nest. I have found dead animals in my yard only on the side where his yard meets mine. Before I knew he had a gun, my cat was shot with an air gun while sitting on the patio. He hates cats, possums, raccoons, and any other animal. I first caught him with the weapon on May 21st 2011, and when I called the non emergency police they told me the weapon was illegal and that this was animal abuse. They did not say anything about coming out, so I emailed the police three times requesting the gun be taken away and that he be charged with abuse. I was willing to sign a complaint but no one responded.  He then sent the health department to my home saying my feeding of the birds and squirrels was his problem. When the department came out, the girl said she was stunned that my home had a complaint as my property is immaculate

Inside and out she was at my home for over an hour and found the complaint unfounded. You see although I was taught as a child compassion for animals I also think with my head and not just the heart. In 38 years, I have lived in this home and there has never been a problem with wildlife. I only started feeding in late 2010 while recuperating from surgery and unable to get out. I only put out occasionally and only what the birds and squirrels take away. I ask that anyone who truly loves animals thinks with their heads as well so as not to create a problem. Never throw out food at night and never throw leftover human food out as you only create problems.  If you see abuse please report it. The only animal I have had a problem with is this neighbor who has made the last 20 years he has lived next to me a nightmare. On June 22, 2012, I caught him with the gun again. As sneaky as he is, I was always watching. This time the police came and I will be in court as a witness on July 19th. I know however that no matter what happens in court he will never quit his abuse but, he will become more devious.

Trish Mangano Sandfor


Hello, Barbara.  I discovered People & Places last fall, and now eagerly watch for each edition’s monthly arrival at Eisenhower Library. The wide range of information your publication provides its readers is very impressive. Living on the Northwest side of Chicago, I welcome the stories on nearby communities.  I also value the thought-provoking information you provide on subjects such as supporting local businesses and, specifically, the 3/50 Project.  I actually cut out the little graphic that showed the math that supports the goals of that movement.  My inclination to support local businesses has been strengthened in recent months by meeting a handful of brave entrepreneurs who ventured into difficult economic waters to start new businesses over the last two years.  So that little graphic really hit home with me.  And I thought it was really interesting that the first place — actually, the only place — where I saw that important data was in my local paper.  (Let’s hear it for local papers!)  Today when I read in the July issue that next month you’ll be celebrating one year of publishing People & Places, well, I wanted to congratulate you.  For you to have such a great publication going after just one year is a sign of a lot of dedication and hard work on your part.

I also want to mention that I especially enjoy your Message from the Publisher.  I know publishing a newspaper is a lot of work.  And I’ll venture a guess that sometimes  — because of everything else you do in regards to its publication — that column is maybe the last thing you tackle before you put the paper to print.  Please know that each message is a real gem, filled with humorous insights and human interest and reminders to stop and think about things.  Important things.  Both large and small.  A perfect example is your urging in April to make good use of all 86,400 seconds each day.  That was a definite keeper, and it now hangs over my desk at home as a reminder.  And so I was reminded this morning to make use of some of those precious seconds and send you this message.

Joanne D, Chicago Northwest Side

Mrs. Gail Galioto Fang – President of the John Mills PTA sent the following message to the Editor of People & Places to publish. She felt it was important to highlight the accomplishments of John Mills PTA and recognize the people who make a difference at John Mills Elementary School.

“The Illinois PTA was organized on May 30, 1900, and has since worked diligently to support public schools and to ensure that all children have an equal opportunities and access to education.” Our local PTA at John Mills has been going strong since 1921. I personally feel that we are partnered with an amazing and successful organization.  With membership over 120,000, Illinois PTA is doing a marvelous job, along with your local John Mills PTA. Please enjoy the following highlights:

September– Dr. Anderson, our new Superintendent was our guest speaker at our PTA meeting, we presented a poem at the 9/11 Memorial, provided wrap packs for students, funded installation of Project Fit equipment at Mills Park, funded birthday books for the entire year, held our one and only fundraiser, funded popsicles for summer reading program, purchased calendar magnets for all PTA members and welcomed back our teachers with a wonderful breakfast.

October– Our guest speaker was the new Chief of Police, Mr. Fagiano, held our first book fair, participated in the Illinois PTA Reflections Program in which several students moved to the State level, sponsor Market Day each month and had funded our first assembly, “Dance to Your Own Beat.”

November-John Mills PTA won the Gold Ribbon Award for outstanding PTA in District 28, participated in the Long Range Landscape Planning meeting for EPCUSD401, sponsored Santa’s Workshop and funded a new stereo system for the music room.

December-funded the first ever district wide assembly about Internet Safety with Katie LeClerc Greer, students who sold 30 items or more, with our fall fundraiser, went on a limo ride and had lunch at Culver’s.

January– invited members to attend state conferences regarding legislation and parent education, funded another assembly, a Ventriloquist and coordinated Spirit wear for parents, staff and students.

February-funded our first Movie Night, held PTA Founder’s Day, funded another assembly, Honest Abe, coordinated a  Wolves Game night out, provided information on what parents should know about standardized tests along with helping children be their best, sponsored another book fair.

March– funded an assembly featuring KID Power-Health and Nutrition 3-D, supplied healthy snacks for all students during State Testing and membership decided to donate $500.00 to each of the following departments: Music, Band, Art, Gym and Technology.

April– Our guest speaker was Amy Lynn Vero, Co-Director of the EP Summer School Academy, funded an Ice Cream Social for the entire student body.  John Mills PTA was also awarded the Juvenile Protection and Safety Award from the Illinois State PTA.  Please visit the Illinois PTA website www.illinoispta.org  and read the article about John Mills in the PTA Bulletin.

May – Our guest speaker was Al Schmidt, Director of the Department of Recreation at the Civic Center, we presented a $500.00 scholarship to an Elmwood Park Senior pursuing a degree in Education, funded a Cultural Enrichment program for the entire day, “Staley” from the Bears stopped by to speak to the students about healthy eating, funded the sixth grade breakfast (with donations from Mori Milk and Reuters, Thanks!), said farewell to our staff with a healthy luncheon and sponsored our last Book Fair for the year “Buy One Get One Free”.  Mrs. Peterson, our book fair chairman says, “Thank you, parents, for your continuing support of the John Mills PTA. We sold over $4500.00 worth of books, our best for a buy one/get one free fair. Have a great summer and keep on reading!”

Throughout the year the John Mills PTA distributed information to children, parents and staff regarding:

  • Improving your child’s nutrition
  • Happy and healthy eating, along with information about ChooseMyPlate.gov.
  • “How to Encourage a Love of Reading and Learning in Your Child”

I would like to thank the John Mills staff for a wonderful year of learning, along with everyone who volunteered their time to enhance every child’s learning experience at John Mills. You are much appreciated!

Have a fun filled and safe summer!

Gail Galioto-Fang, PTA President
Deanna Wassom, Vice President
Laura Jean Spathies, Secretary
Ellen Peterson, Treasurer

John Mills Elementary School is located at 2824 N. 76th Avenue in Elmwood Park. Their telephone number is 708-583-6288.  Visit District 401’s website at www.epcusd401.org

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