| September 26, 2012

The Franklin Park Manila Lions Club is sponsoring a screening from 9 am to noon on Friday, September 28th at the Franklin Park Community Center, 9560 Franklin Avenue. Among the Lions members involved in the screening are Elsie Rivadelo, Rose Lobianco, Benni Fernandez, Tessie Zaretsky and Rhey Adriano. The Mobile Hearing Screening activity is conducted through cooperation of the Lions of Illinois Foundation, the charitable arm of the state’s more than 700 Lions Clubs and is funded primarly from Candy Day, held statewide the second Friday of every October. The FREE screenings are for persons 18 and older and age 10-17 years with written parental consent.

The program is to help protect the hearing of the public through an early alert system and to increase public awareness of deafness.  There are nearly 720,000 hearing impaired persons in Illinois. Of these, 106,000 are deaf; 26,000 of these were deaf before the age of 19. 

For further information contact Rose Lobianco at 708-351-9970 or Tessie Zaretsky at 847-288-1921. 


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