Local Resident Served With Indictment

| September 2, 2012

Schiller Park resident, Roy McCampbell was served with a grand jury indictment accusing him of stealing more than $500,000 from Bellwood, in part by manipulating his employment contracts and deceiving the Village Board about them. According to court records, McCampbell faces eight felony counts of theft and four felony counts of official misconduct. The Class X felonies are punishable by up to 30 years in prison. The indictment accuses McCampbell of creating a “false impression” to Bellwood’s Village Board by orally misstating the salary increases in his numerous contracts which included a car and gas paid for by taxpayers, who also covered his pension contributions and premiums for health and life insurance. During his employment with Bellwood McCampbell earned a salary of $472,000 and held job titles of comptroller, public safety CEO, finance director, corporation counsel, budget director, human resources director, mayoral assistant, property commission director and development corporation chief administrative officer. Currently, as a government retiree since 2009, he is set to receive $237,000 in pension payments each year.

Over the years, Mr. McCampbell also held positions in the villages of Schiller Park and Franklin Park and served as a Leyden Township trustee. He also headed business services at Triton College.

At McCampbell’s bond hearing held August 21st, prosecutors unveiled further details of the charges brought against him by Bellwood.  The lengthy lawsuit accuses him of secretly inflating his salary while ruining the village’s finances. He was granted a recognizance bond. McCampbell’s attorney, Craig Tobin, said his client is innocent and is being used as a political scapegoat. He also stated his client has done nothing wrong and when the facts come out he will be vindicated.

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