| July 2, 2015

For extra cash you may consider a job as a MEDIATOR …
Mediation, arbitration and “alternative dispute resolution (ADR)” are steadily used for those to “bypass” lawsuits with onerous fees and often a drawn out legal process. From divorce proceedings to housing and medical disputes … many people prefer to settle matters privately out of court.
This is where a Mediator is welcome. These jobs are not only for retired lawyers. All you need is an expertise field of business and this can be your ticket. Experience settling workplace discrimination issues, marriage counseling and even a mental health background can land you a seat at the table to guide a sensitive negotiation. In general, you work out of your home office, but may need to go to another location for the official meeting.
Your task: impartially hear both sides of a dispute, cut through the emotional verbiage and intuitively home in on the critical details. No taking sides.
The hours: Varies depending on caseload. Expect to put in hours.
Pay range: $15.00 to $55.00 an hour. The higher needs experience.
Qualifications: Law degree may be helpful, but non-legal backgrounds are acceptable. Training and licensing requirements vary by state.
To find more information visit for a source of International, national and state conflict resolution organizations.


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