OPEN FORUM – January, 2013

| January 1, 2013

Impressed with Paper

A women who subscribes to People & Places stopped to tell our delivery girl the following:  “She has been impressed with the paper. She subscribed to the (another paper we won’t mention) for several years and it had gotten very expensive and she disliked the content. She cancelled her subscription. They call her about every three weeks with a new offer. The latest was $12/year but she said she was not interested. They have made some changes but appreciates the truly local feel of People & Places.” (As told to our delivery person)

Holiday Decorations

With all the work residents put into their holiday decorations, I only hope people take the time to admire them. I remember as a kid getting in the car on a Sunday night with my parents and driving around the neighborhoods looking at all the beautiful lights. Remember some streets had lines? This is such a beautiful time of year. Enjoy the show while you can!  (From our email box)

A Thanksgiving Feast

Today, 11-23-12, my husband went to the Franklin Park Village Hall in need of something only to find them closed. A sign was posted stating they were taking 3 days off for Thanksgiving and of course they’re closed on Sunday, so for 4 days our government services were not available. I know of no other company that gives their employees that many days off (3) for Thanksgiving, especially when the taxpayers pay their salary. I also have to wonder if this applied to all village employees and if all those that did work on Friday and/or Saturday then received bonus pay for what the village was considering the holiday? As I seldom go to the village hall, I have to wonder how often do they do this, are there other generous perks/benefits that they get? We all wish our jobs gave extra days off, but these jobs the community pays for and our taxes keep going up.  I hope they gave thanks to all of us during their prayers at Thanksgiving!  (Sent by mail)

Easy Job – Easy Money

So the Republicans conveniently slide all their people right in to the newly opened spots on the Leyden Township Board. The Democratic Party didn’t even bother to put an opposing slate together. What exactly do these people do for the taxpayer money they earn in those positions? And the people just keep voting them in.  Easy job, easy money. (Called into our Open Forum line.) 


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