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| March 5, 2013

Here’s your chance to state what’s on your mind on any issue important to you or you feel is significant. Messages must be brief, to the point, no vulgarity, as this is a family newspaper. Please speak plainly and slowly. Call 847-260-5670 any time or send us an email to Put Open Forum in the subject line. Callers and email can stay anonymous. Letters and calls are subject to editing. Letters may also be sent to 4303 Atlantic Avenue, Schiller Park, IL 60176.     


I am a proud parishioner of St. Maria Goretti Church in Schiller Park. I read the community profile the Chicago Tribune did on Schiller Park and I was very disappointed that our church and school were not mentioned at all in the article. The mayor made it a point to say, “everyone knows me” but failed to mention the church that she is supposedly a parishioner at. Aldi and Walgreens are mentioned but not our church and school which is such a big part of our community. St. Beatrice is mentioned and their school has closed! I feel forgotten and I guess I can easily forget someone’s name when the time comes to vote. Signed Proud SMG Parishioner (Received by USPS)

SD 81 Travel Agents

They fly, you buy! The residents of Franklin Park and Schiller Park should rest easy knowing their rising property taxes are being put to good use. These good uses include sending staff members on all expense paid trips to such wonderful locations as Las Vegas, Denver, Columbus, Toronto, Nashville and sunny Florida. When most schools are tightening their budgets and monitor spending, administrators and board members continue to approve such lavish expenses. Teachers and administrators truly enjoy these tax payer funded vacations. Is it really necessary to send multiple teachers to out of state conferences and pay their hotel, airfare, meals and conference registration? I know every time I open my tax bill I get a pit in my stomach just knowing that my taxes are being used in frivolous manners. When will the spending stop? Is this the time for the SD81 Monarchy to be disbanded? (Sent by email)


I’m writing to remark on a letter I received in the mail from apparently the teachers union of District 81. I used to live in DuPage county and I’ve never seen teachers get involved with a school board election, so first I questioned if the letter was legit at all.
When I spoke with a couple of other parents, they said that in years past they have even had their children come home and tell them who they should vote for. Mind you, I find nothing wrong with someone showing support for a candidate, but it seems to me that there’s a conflict of interest going on here. Again, when I spoke with some of the other parents they told me that the board candidates that they supported were being financed by the current mayor. What? So I looked it up and sure enough they are being financially supported by Mayor Montana. Isn’t that like buying the school board votes? Now I was trying to figure out what would be the advantage of teachers getting their candidates on the board. Seems to me it would be all about getting what they want on their contracts. I have the utmost respect for teachers and what they do, but I don’t think this is ethical. Those running for the school board should not be hand-picked by the mayor and they should not be supported by a teachers union who tend to benefit from having their people on the board. Plus, since board members do not get paid, those candidates who are not getting financed by the mayor seem to me more personally motivated to run since they are spending their own money to promote themselves. I for one am going to look at ALL the candidates that are running for school board and make a decision based on their qualifications, not who is supporting them. (Sent by email)

Light Annoyance

Yeah, so they put up the new light on Mannheim Road and make it so long it backs up traffic. Plus, you can’t turn left on red when there is no one coming. Can’t someone adjust the light so traffic moves better? (Called in)

Who Do They Work For?

My husband and I recently moved to Schiller Park and a man rang our doorbell. Oh, before I forget, we love the paper. It’s nice to have something local. Anyway, back to the man at the door. He was out campaigning for Anna Montana, who I learned was the current mayor and through our conversation I came to find out he was a part-time police officer. When I asked him if he was the only one doing this, he said no, we are all required to work for the mayor during her campaign. Considering I found out that two neighbors of ours were recently robbed, I would think these police officers would have something better to do, like canvassing the neighborhoods for crime, than out politicking. Is this what my tax dollars are going to? We are rethinking our move to this town. Thanks for letting me voice my opinion. (Called in)


Ummm people, those of you who put your garbage cans out with the handles towards the curb are doing it wrong. Look at the arrows on the can they point in the direction in which the can should face. Handle should be away from the curb or alley. Get it? And since the garbage guys use a claw on the garbage truck, it helps them a lot if you don’t place the cans too close together and don’t park cars on the street when they come around. Oh yeah, and another thing, if your can is broken or has holes in it, call up and get a new one. Cans like that can attract rodents and animals. I’m done; hanging up now. (Called in)

Very Moving

Oh, I hope I can get this in before your next issue comes out, but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Mission that was held at St. Beatrice. The first one with Fr. Deffenbaugh on the crucifixion was so informative. I wish more people would have attended. Sharon E. (Emailed)

Loving the New Restaurant

Just wanted to say that I am loving Richie’s new restaurant in Schiller Park. Really good pizza and their food is delicious. (Called in)

Let Me Count the Ways

I want to personally thank Mayor Pederson for increasing my tax bill by 30%. As I made my way to the bank to pay it, I came up with four thousand six hundred and fifty nine reasons why I hope he loses the next election and that’s only 55% of the reasons! Jack H. (Called in)

Let it Go

So Skippy is running for Village President in my town of Elmwood Park. Career politicians need to let it go. Find another day job not on my dime. Here’s to you Joe; good luck! (Mailed in)

Ace is the Place

I live in Northlake and although it’s closer to shop at Home Depot, I frequent Ace Hardware in Franklin Park. They have everything I need and the service is always friendly and knowledgeable. Ace is my place and I like using the coupons too.  (Emailed)


How funny that two weeks after Schiller Park was on the front page news for the “Sex Trafficking House of Horrors” that the Tribune does a “community profile” on them. Do I smell damage control here?  (Called in)


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