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| September 2, 2012

What’s On Your Mind?

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Yes, I’m a Schiller Park resident. The last few months have been absolutely horrible with plane noise. They are going right over our house, yet we were told we were not in the so called “65 DNL zone”. I call to complain on the plane noise hot line, but that just falls on “deaf” ears!  What happened to the soundproofing for all of Schiller Park? Now I hear that multi-family homes are getting the soundproofing what about the single family homes? What gives? By the way, thanks for finally giving this town a voice.  (Editor’s Note:The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) maintains a toll-free noise hotline, 1-800-435-9569, an Internet website, and an online service at for citizens to express their concern about particular aircraft events or aircraft noise levels in general. Tallies of noise complaints appear in the monthly Airport Noise Management System report.)

Hoi Polloi

Hi, am I on? Oh, okay, Rosemont may have all the fancy restaurants and hotels, but I don’t know how people can afford to eat or drink at these places. Seems only the hoity-toity have the cash to spend at these places. I’d rather spend my money at the local, family owned establishments that don’t aim to take me to the cleaners and give me that friendly, neighborly service I like. You can keep the over priced joints with the scantily dressed, exploited young girls. I’ll spend my money in my own town.


Do the Franklin Park trains purposely blow their horns in the middle of the night just so they can wake everyone up? Is there a train noise complaint line? Come on Petersen, do something about this!


I find it strange that everyone complains about not having anything to do, yet when villages conduct fests, tastes, concerts, etc., crowds are sparse with low turnout. If people want these events to continue, they had better get off their rear ends and take part. Where’s the community spirit?


Love this paper. It’s more informative than the Communicator or Library Notes.


In regards to the Grace Park Condominiums. I agree with the woman who asked about getting a stop light by the Grace Condos. The seniors have a hard time crossing Irving Park as traffic is heavy. Also, the village lost some potential attraction when all the amenities that were suppose to come initially to those who bought condos when it first opened such as security, transportation, a beauty salon, concierge services, etc., fell through. I regret suggesting someone should live there. It is not what it was “sold as” or some where I would move to. With the recent power outages, residents were left in the dark and leaving was difficult as the emergency lighting for the stairways did not work. When I called about well-being checks to village hall, they didn’t even know what that meant. I heard someone did come by but only asked several people in the lobby if everyone was okay. Residents on the upper floors were not checked on. I was lucky to find out about the cooling center from a very helpful police officer. It’s a shame the village didn’t inform or remind residents until after the power was on. “Sent anonymously by mail”

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