Opinions – Making it legal doesn’t make it marriage. by Raymond Klaus

| December 1, 2013


Lower courts in many states including Illinois, have ruled in favor of homosexual marriage.  Same sex marriage is a serious threat to traditional marriage.  There is hardly anything more important than preserving marriage as we know it.  Children do best when they grow up in stable homes with mothers and fathers.  Children who are denied that advantage are placed at serious risk.  The world has reached a cultural and religious crisis with family dissolution.

In my opinion, same-sex marriage is nothing more than the personal satisfaction of two individuals wanting miscellaneous financial and legal benefits normally associated with a male-female marriage.  Marriage as a stable, permanent relationship between a male and a female, oriented to the begetting and raising of children, drops out of the picture.

The U.S. divorce rate has risen by more than 30 percent since 1970.  The marriage rate has declined 40 percent.  Reinforcing the dangerous shift in thinking and redefining marriage to include same-sex couples will accelerate the process of marriage and family collapse.  There is a direct correlation between the breakdown of the family and childhood crime, and children as young as ten years old having sexual experiences.

In Levticus, Chapter 18, the Lord told Moses to tell the people about “The Sanctity of Sex.”  In brief He said,

“None of you should have sexual intercourse with a close relative, or your neighbor.  A male shall not lie with a male as with a woman, and a woman shall not lie with a woman as with a male; such a thing is an abomination.  And you should not allow your offspring to do these things, or you will be punished for this wickedness.”

Movies and popular culture have created a “false sexual world” that has led to an upsurge in sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers and an over emphasis on birth control over abstinence, according to Dr. Margaret Meeker, pediatrician, parent and author, at Traverse City, Michigan: “There are more than twenty-five diseases that are spreading rapidly due to sexual activity.  Many are incurable, often sterilize their victims, or lead to cancer and even death.  Studies show that one in four sexually active young persons between the ages of 17 and 25 is infected.  A recent study suggests this number to be as many as two in four.”

School sex education programs have worked aggressively to convince sexually active teens to use condoms.  During these efforts, sexually transmitted infections among youth have risen.  Condoms do not prevent spreading of diseases found on the legs, abdomen and mouth.  Promoting condom use to kids promotes a risky lifestyle, giving them permission to be sexually active.  They already feel invincible and have no choice but to be active in order to be popular, based on the sexual stimulation they receive through the popular media.  The scary part is that every-time a person has sex with someone, it is like having sex with every person which that partner has ever had.

The sexual revolution took place and pornography and pedophilia and child abuse came to be and is now on the rise all over the world.  Contraception has resulted in a fifty percent divorce rate, because marriages are not good and many marriages take place only out of lust for their mates. The drug culture and alcoholism has infiltrated our society.  Terrorism is on the rise and violence is spreading throughout the world in many forms – murder, child abuse, killing innocent babies in the womb, road rage to mention a few.  Many Christians are practicing birth-control and not having enough children to keep and carryon the Christian population. While the Islams and Moslems reject contraception and have six or eight children in each family, and are planning to takeover the world.

Cloning of human fetuses has been accepted in some states.  The social question has become a radically anthropological question, in the sense that it concerns not just how life is conceived but also how it is manipulated, as bio-technology places it increasingly under man’s control.  In vitro fertilization embryo research, the possibility of manufacturing clones and human hybrids is now emerging and being promoted in today’s highly disillusioned culture.  Are we to believe that science has mastered every mystery, because the origin of life is now within our grasp?  We must not underestimate the disturbing scenarios that threaten our future, or the powerful new instruments that the “culture of death” has at its disposal.  Cloning a human embryo can produce a human body without a soul, which can result in the coming of the Anti-Christ in the world as a clone for Satan to enter.  Think about that

Raymond Klaus, Park Ridge

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