Police Blotter – August 2012

| August 13, 2012



  • July 13 – A garage theft was reported on the 2800 block of 73rd Ave.
  • July 16 – A report of a stolen 1990 Buick Park Avenue came from the 7500 block of Grand Avenue
  • July 16 – Numerous pieces of jewelry were reported stolen on the 2300 block of 74th Court
  • July 19 – The 2800 block of 75th Court reported some solar landscaping lights stolen.
  • July 20th – A wallet was stolen from the Planet Fitness location on the 2500 block of Harlem Ave.
  • July 20th – A store on the 7700 block of Belmont Avenue reported a bottle of vodka stolen.
  • July 23 – The owner of a car parked on the 2600 block of Harlem Avenue reported its catalytic converter stolen


  • July 16 – Damage was reported to a vehicle on the 2600 block of 73rd court.
  • July 17 – A Jeep Liberty on the 2200 block of 77th Court had its window smashed
  • July 18 – A glass door at a school on the 7600 block of Cortland Parkway had a brick thrown through it.
  • July 17 – A home on the 2000 block of 78th Avenue had a rock thrown through its window sometime between 10pm on July 17 and 6am July 18.
  • July 21 – Flower boxes were thrown into a neighbor’s yard on the 3100 block of 78th Avenue
  • July 21 – Criminals spray painted a car on the 2800 block of 76th Court


  • Theft.  A woman from Norridge was arrested on the 7900 block of Belmont Avenue and charged with allegedly stealing three bottles of Jack Daniels.


  • SUSPICIOUS PERSON.  A resident of the 1000 block of West Devon Avenue reported she heard someone open and close her screen door after arriving home in the early morning hours. She then reported seeing a man standing near her vehicle in the driveway and an unfamiliar white minivan or SUV parked on the street.  The man left the area and the resident described him as in his 30’s with dark hair.
  • PROPERTY DAMAGE.  July 14 & 15 – Four Prospect Avenue street signs were removed, damaged and then placed on the lawn of a home on the 300 block of Edgemont Lane.
  • BURGLARY.  July 6. An unlocked vehicle parked on the 700 block of Austin Avenue had a camera, CPS device and iPod stolen.
  • PROPERTY DAMAGE.  July 15 – A rock damaged a window of a vehicle on the 100 block of Devon Avenue. It appears someone had thrown a rock at the window.


  • July 20 – Two young men were charged with retail theft after allegedly leaving a Dominick’s store with a cart filled with unpaid groceries.
  • July 14 – The allegro Music Center located at 800 W. Devon Ave. reported to police that two men in their 20’s allegedly stole a guitar valued at $540. After being chased by a witness, the men put the guitar down on the ground, apologized for taking it and ran off.
  • July 11 and July 13 – Copper downspouts were stolen from the Metra train station at Busse Highway and Dee Road.



  • July 11 – A building on the 10000 block of Pacific Avenue reported wiring, a table saw, hand saw, lawn mower and ladder were stolen. The rear door appeared to have been forced open.
  • July 14 – Midwest Title Loans on Mannheim Road reported their front window broken
  • July 17 – A report of a stolen 2001 Ford Econoline Van from the J.S. Paluch Company at 3708 River Road
  • July 18 – The hood and roof of a police car was reportedly scratched on the 9500 block of Belmont Avenue.


  • Suspicious People.  June 26 – A resident of on the 4400 block of Emerson reported that she was approached last week by two men saying they wanted to talk to her about her backyard and that they were part of a construction crew working on the creek project. What she found strange was the fact that one of the men stayed in the front of the house while the other guy met her in back. Luckily, the resident keeps her doors locked at all times while working outside. While the one guy was distracting her, the other guy apparently was trying to get into the home. After a suspicious incident in the home while asking for a remodeling quote, the resident asked them to leave and then called the police and made out a report. The police informed her that there are several groups going around who work together targeting homes and older people. They were driving a white van with a magnet sign on the side that said “Dare Construction.”  If you are approached, ask for a business card and if they say they don’t have one, tell them to leave and contact the police.
  • Burglary.  June 27 – A burglary occurred at Sunrise Printing which resulted in a loss of close to seven thousand dollars. A window seemed to be the point of entry. Speculation is that a cleaning crew might have unlocked a window in order to allow someone to break in. Two computers and a safe were taken and a computer monitor and window screen was damaged. After officers did some investigating, it was indeed found that one of the cleaning crew did unlock the window and returned later in the evening to rob the premises. The suspect was arrested by Schiller Park police.
  • Suicide.  June 27 – An apparent suicide took place at the O’Hare Inn and Suites. Officers and paramedics arrived on the scene to find a black, male leaning out the window of the hotel. He would not cooperate with the officers when asked to go back inside the room.  Soon after, the subject fell head first to the concrete area below. He was pronounced dead at Gottlieb Hospital.  Upon inspection of the room, a suicide note was found.
  • Alleged Prostitution.  June 29 – Several complaints have been received by the Schiller Park Police Department of alleged prostitution in and around the hotels located on Mannheim Road. Officers set up a sting and were able to arrest two women for allegedly accepting money for sexual favors.
  • possession of a controlled substance and unlawful acquisitions of a controlled substance.  June 27 – A report was filed with the SP police when a complainant discovered his prescriptions have been getting picked up by someone else at different pharmacies. Records showed that the perpetrator had been picking up the prescriptions at 4 different Walgreens in the last 3 months. Officers started investigating the matter and asked the pharmacists at the Schiller Park Walgreens to contact them should anyone try to pick up the prescription. Sure enough, the offender picked up the pills and officers were waiting to arrest him as he exited the store. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance and unlawful acquisitions of a controlled substance.


  • July 24. Fire Dept. Personnel  responded to the power lines arching in the tree at Wagner and Belle Plaine. Once on the scene they found that a tree branch broke off and pushed the wires into the main trunk of the tree and was grounding out on the tree which caused the arching and smoking. ComEd was notified, but was delayed because of storm calls. The area was barricaded and taped off with caution tape. Throughout the day, the fire dept responded there 4 more times due to smoking in the tree.  At approximately 3:30pm they received a call that the wires had snapped and have fallen to the ground. Again nothing could be done by the fire department because the wires were still live and now arching on the ground. Com Ed was again contacted informing them the wires were now on the ground live and arching. A police car was dispatched to stay on the scene to protect the area. ComEd came out later to cut the power and repair the downed wires.
  • July.  Dry weather contributed to the fire department being called out about 4am on a hot July morning to extinguish a fire on the Sexton Landfill property. Approximately 2 acres of grass was burning. The fire department extinguished it in about ten minutes. Because the ground is so dry, the earth cracks and the rotting and decaying garbage gives off methane gas which seeps to the surface and generates heat which in turn ignites and burns the dry grass. The fire department is called to the area several times during the summer to put fires out.

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