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JANUARY 16, 2013

Payment of Bills

• The Board authorized the payment of bills in the amount of $157,355.42.

• The Board approved payroll in the amount of $824,751.21.

Public Participation

• Resident Dolly Joseph inquired if the District 81 vehicles driven by employees were for personal use and asked why the employees drive the vehicles home. Board President Mary Ann Desecki responded that District 81 vehicles are not for personal use, and that the two employees who drive the vehicles home are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. President Desecki stated that the District needs to insure the safety of the buildings in conditions of snow storms, floods, and in emergencies.

• Annual Dr. Seuss night at Kennedy School  on Thursday, February 28 at 6:00 pm. Volunteers are needed. Contact Ms. Michelle Morgan at Kennedy School for further information. .

• Resident Roy F. McCampbell stated that perspective has been lost at the Board of Education meetings. Mr. McCampbell stated that we have a wonderful education system that continues to improve. Mr. McCampbell also stated that as we move forward toward the election, the Board of Education needs to have a better understanding of the community. Mr. McCampell stated that we have a great education system because historically the community and district have rubbed elbows.

• Resident Tina Ewanio questioned the action item on the agenda to approve the contract of the Director of Buildings and Grounds. Mrs. Ewanio inquired if this is a new contract, a renewal of contract, or for a new employee, and why a contract is necessary. Mrs. Ewanio also asked if the contract was being written due to the recent questioning about employee-driven vehicles. President Mary Ann Desecki responded that the contract was for the current Director of Building and Grounds, and that it was an

oversight that the Board was correcting for not having the Director of Building and Grounds under contract previously. President Desecki responded that the contract has nothing to do with the inquiries regarding employee-driven vehicles.

• Resident Kathleen Janis stated that transparency in governance helps with understanding what is taking place at the board meetings. Ms. Janis requested a brief explanation of the policies and bills before voting to give the community a better understanding of what goes on at the board meetings.

• Teacher Kitch Gorzynski congratulated the District 81 teachers who recently received the National Board Certification, noting that now District 81 has the distinction of employing six National Board Certified teachers. Mrs. Gorzynski stated that the rigorous process includes an estimated 500 hours of work and is the highest level of certification in the United States. Mrs. Gorzynski stated that the two teachers who were being recognized at the evening’s meeting, Ms. Barbara Folan and Ms. Louise Stompor, passed the certification review on the first round, when the typical passing rate is 30%.

• Teacher Louise Stompor congratulated Dr. Kimberly Boryszewski on the extension of her contract as Superintendent of Schools, on behalf of the SPEA. Ms. Stompor also congratulated the Board on behalf of the SPEA for their decision to continue moving School District 81 in a positive direction.

• Teacher DJ Narvaez reported that the second annual Project HeartWell 5K Run/Walk event raised a total of $5,000, which is an increase of $1,000 from last year’s proceeds. The proceeds will benefit: St. Beatrice Catholic Church, Resurrection Lutheran Church, Gift from the Heart, Partners in Mission, and grants for Kennedy, Washington, and Lincoln schools.

• Resident Andrea Jaffray requested consideration for an issue related to her child who attends Kennedy School. Dr. Boryszewski responded that a meeting between herself, Ms. Jaffray, and Principal Kartsimas would be scheduled to discuss the issue.

• Dr. Boryszewski thanked Detective Tom Henn District 81 School Resource Officer, and Dr. Kristin Kopta, Principal of Washington School, for their quick response to a situation.

Examples of Excellence

• Dr. Boryszewski congratulated Ms. Barbara Folan and Ms. Louise Stompor, teachers at Washington School for obtaining the National Board Certification for Teaching Standards.

• Dr. Boryszewski congratulated Dr. Kristin Kopta for completing her Doctorate of Education degree. Dr. Boryszewski stated that it is an honor to employ these educators, who attain such a high level of accomplishment and professional growth.

• President Desecki thanked Dr. Kopta, Ms. Folan and Ms. Stompor on behalf of the school board, stating that it is beneficial to the school district that these individuals have achieved these accomplishments.


Old Business – Information

• Finance Update:

• Chief School Business Official Jessica Donato reported that the State has fallen behind on its payments, and has vouchered 51% of money owed. The State has made all of last year’s payments. Only General State Aid payments are being made on time.

• Jessica Donato also reported that in regard to the cafeteria budget, the cost of food and delivery is increasing.

• FOIA Update:

• Member Fritz asked if the two FOIA requests were met by the district. Jessica Donato stated that one was sent out, and the other was scheduled to be sent out the day after the board meeting.

Old Business -Action

• The Board of Education approved the employment contract for Director of Buildings and Grounds.

Discussion: Member David Stachura asked if the Director of Building and Grounds was currently taking courses, how many courses he has taken so far, how long he has been working for the district, and asked why he had not taken courses previously. Dr. Boryszewski responded that the employee had taken six courses since September of 2012, which was upon her request, that the employee has worked for the district for 22 years, and that she could not speak to the employee’s coursework history

prior to her taking the superintendent position. Dr. Boryszewski stated that this coursework has proven to be an immediate benefit to the district.

New Business – Information

• The Annual ED-RED Legislative Dinner and Workshops will be held this month.

• The Leyden Area Board Dinner was also mentioned as an upcoming event.

• The IASB West Cook Spring Dinner Meeting has been scheduled.

New Business – Action

• The Board of Education approved the resignation of a teacher as presented.

• The Board of Education adopted Resolution #13-05 AUTHORIZING NOTICE TO REMEDY TO TENURED TEACHER.

• The Board of Education approved the hirings, resignations, retirement, and long term substitute teacher agreements as presented.

Public Participation


Next regularly scheduled School Board Meeting:

February 20th, 2013 7:00 pm Lincoln Middle School, 9760 Soreng Avenue, Schiller Park.  Visit

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