Starved Rock, A Nice Summertime Trip

| August 19, 2016

This summer I visited Starved Rock State Park located in Utica, IL.  I recommend this to anyone who wants to take in some scenic sites and loves to walk.  The landscape is breathtaking and when you go up to Starved Rock itself you can see the Illinois River.  There are many trails to walk and many beautiful waterfalls inside the many canyons that you can walk  into.

So, how did Starved Rock get its name? The park derives its name from a Native American legend. In the 1760s, Chief Pontiac of the Ottawa tribe, was attending a tribal council meeting. At this council of the Illinois and the Pottawatomie, Kinebo, the head chief of the Illinois tribe stabbed Chief Pontiac. Vengeance arose in Pontiac’s followers. A great battle started. The Illinois, fearing death, took refuge on the great rock. After many days, the remaining Illinois died of starvation giving this historic park its name – Starved Rock.

With Labor Day just around the corner and the fall season not too far off, I recommend a nice trip to Starved Rock to take in some beautiful scenes.

The following are a few pictures that I  took on my visit.

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