The Chemical Weapon Challenge

| December 1, 2013

The Chemical Weapon Challenge

By Bob Dituri

The first thing we must ask ourselves as Americans today and every day; Are we more vulnerable now than ever to an open attack from chemical weapons?

The lesson and message given to us at Pearl Harbor with the Japanese invasion and more recent on September 11 with high-jacked planes into the twin towers in New York City, is that we must not take anything for granted. We also must be prepared for everything and anything that would make us vulnerable for an attack on our soil.

If you look at the introduction of arms and chemical weapons that were supplied by the Russian government into Syria, you can and would understand why now everything has escalated with violence and bloodshed in the region, and why now something should be done.

Because of the conditions around the world, the unrealistic hope for unity amongst countries and its people for peace are to converse for world goals. If not, more suffering and loss of lives will continue.

Hopefully with this well-orchestrated plan underway with the supervision of the United States and Russian negotiations, the Syrian government will have only until June 1, 2014 to remove those nerve gases from 23 holding sites following a deadly Syrian gas attack on August 21.

Remember American people, even though the Syrian regime and their leader Bashar Assad is agreeing to relinquish its chemical weapons of nerve gases; should they be trusted? Should the Russian President Vladimir Putin be trusted who has always been ready to stab us in the back?

There are no pictures on how you put this on a scorecard. No matter how hard I tried to suppress the voice of my conscience, I clearly felt that their conduct on this deadly heinous act that killed over 1,000 people with nerve gas was totally unacceptable and inhumane.

Yes, people of many places, there are those who corrupt people’s consciences and call evil good and good evil. Unfortunately in the terrible battle between good and evil revealed in our modern world, many people suffer in the hands of tyrant like President Assad of Syria.

Now the world is at a standstill waiting on this diplomatic solution. But these are some of the questions we must ask ourselves as well as our government officials. Will this implement a deal from Russia to Syria for a trade of chemical weapons for conventional weapons?

Should we have the option to use force if and when needed? Should we support the free Syrian opposition in the region? Will we be ultimately threatened if we don’t do anything? Do we need stability in the Middle East? What is the long term goal? Do the American people want a quick solution? Will Great Britain reconsider to help if things become threatening for the U.S.? Will Syria be a safe haven for Al Qaeda? Should conflicts not be resolved by recourse to arms but rather by negotiations? Is congress divorced from reality and will we lose our place as a leader of nations? Has an action caused us consequences? Will this be a serious regional challenge for us to meet? Are we going to be meshed into another war?

Now the world greatly needs to be reminded of the truth instead of the world of half truths.

Now is the time not to over play your hand by shutting down the government again but remembering that integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.

Today and every day, we Americans must live by these words and remember this great address by the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt who said to the American people that we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

As Americans, we will live each day not in fear, but to live each day knowing that this day of infamy will give us the strength to make us stronger, with the power of human spirit for Liberty and Justice for all of humanity challenges in our world toward freedom for all mankind to live in peace. So help us God. God Bless America.


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