The Finish Line of Heroes

| June 1, 2013

It was not only a 26.2 mile Boston Marathon race that had a lot of meaning for all who watched and attended it, but for many Bostonians it was a day of patriotism.

Yes, it was a day of an annual event of meaning and tradition and expression for the many there that celebrated the love we all as Americans have for or country.

“But, then something happened at the finish line.”

On April 15, 2013 at 2:50p.m.  The Boston Marathon  race became again another  horrifying day in American history for all who watched and attended that had no winners name to mention, not just the names of unknown heroes that will stick in our minds forever on this day of infamy.

Yes, again the United States has been targeted and attacked by terrorists. They managed to set off two explosive devices in a standing crowd of onlookers watching the race. It brought first responders of the police, firefighters and volunteers running to the crime scene who did a remarkable job of comforting and caring for the many that lie helpless on the ground traumatized in shock and carnage.

These explosive devices claimed the lives of three innocent victims along with 170 injuries that caused even some to lose their lower extremities.

As another result of this attack, one police officer was shot to death and another was severely wounded.  In their honor, I salute the bravery they displayed on their watch.

Again we as Americans need to examine our conscience with regard in this wide horizon of humanity that is becoming more and more threatening that has afflicted out country from many problems of terror and tyranny.

As we step forward to the new developments in the case and conflicting evidence and information gathered from all law enforcement agencies, we all knew that these perpetrators would be brought to justice.  Five days of horror and fear  and then the manhunt and capture that brought closure for the people in Boston and justice for all around our nation.

Today was not a for a good scoop of the news or to be the one with the best story in first, but to tell the truth of what the American people are made of and how they react and respond in these conditions.

We the people have the power of love beyond comprehension and control impossible to match as Americans that keeps us strong to keep going even after a terrorist attack like this one in Boston Massachusetts that will always make us vigilant.

But even though we are vigilant, the question will still remain in our minds after this attack that, did our counter intelligence overlook the case study and system failure in this well planned cowardly act of terrorism?

Even in a population of billions of people, the awesome truth remains there is no other one higher than God alone that can dispel the darkness and ignorance, misery, fear, and evil that we encounter each and every day of our lives in this heartbreak hill of terrorism.

We are a nation of people with each day now that will present its own ray of sunshine to buoy hope and energize a resilience as we proceed on to always be the strongest and smartest nation in the world.

Yes, inner peace must always remain in our hearts and mind despite the daily sadness and dismay over the way some humans act that is diminishing life itself.

The meaning and fulfillment are as simple and profound as giving thanks to the truth of who we really are on the flag of stars and stripes of red, white, and blue that never run and always stands up for its freedom.

Yes, people of many places, the flag will fly at half mast for those innocent lives lost and for the many injured, but will never be forgotten in honor of this great nation of fifty states under God that will give us the courage as Americans to prevail and guide us in search for liberty and justice for all.

Yes, people of the United States of America every story has its sadness, but this one now has a victory of the end.

God bless America and the heroes at the finish line.

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