Turning a Blind Eye

| October 4, 2013

Robert Dituri  Has the baseball player scandal created a cloud of uncertainty for Major League Baseball?

                Yes fans, we were warned that something likely would of, could of, or should of happened after the All Star Break, but who would think anyone facing these drug charge violations would have to make a let’s make a deal with suspension so soon.

This article that I have written hopefully will change your mind and restore your reader’s faith in this major league sporting event that has been tarnished by some players who have taken these performance drugs to gain their day of fame.

Yes, even players like Alex Rodriquez of the N.Y. Yankees and Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers who are one of their team’s best players, couldn’t stop that flash of lightning from striking on their suspension drug allegations that were handed to them by the commissioner of Major League Baseball.

Who knows how many more players might be on the chopping block for suspensions in this Biogenesis drug scandal case. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Yes, this season event has caused chaos amongst fans, owners, and players of all teams that are losing their impact players which now has caused absolute madness, shame, and unfairness to the game of baseball.

So let me ask all you readers and viewers out there. Was it fair that these players admit to the doping charges with a suspension and then they are back to play again, with everyone in the front office turning a blind eye?

What has become of this major league sport of baseball? Or should I say the show me the money sport of baseball?

Yes baseball fans, a dark cloud seems to be hanging over the entire baseball season now, even the other ball players who cheated and doped up their careers by taking these performance enhancing drugs.

Yes baseball fans, it’s hard to predict what the players will do on the field, but even harder to predict what they will do off the field. Maybe the baseball league will just call this another drug distraction and let’s play ball.

The records unfortunately will stand up for these players who did wrong and violated the leagues rules and have also shamed the game and the fame for the real record holders that played for the love of the game.

I believe that now is the time for changes for the M.L.B. and its owners. All teams need to embrace the facts, risk, and total rewards of not just the impact players, but look more to the players who show up to play, get hits, and win ball games by playing baseball the right way.

Isn’t that what baseball is all about fans?  So, Jack and Harry what do you think about all of these allegations and charges against these ball players that violated the rules?   Hey Hey Jack, holy cow Harry. Seems like clout and money impact the game of baseball. What has happened since these legends stopped announcing?

I don’t know, but, from the view up here it seems to have given the game a bad review on how the way the game is being played.

All kidding aside baseball fans, if you want my personnel view on this baseball controversy, I would say just let that dark cloud that was looming over the season this year disappear from your view and let’s get ready for World Series time and play ball.

I know it will be hard for a lot of you diehard fans to accept what has happened with the players in the past and now in the present that have cheated, relished with endorsements and multimillion dollar contracts and then took advantage of this sport.

Now is the time for everyone to open that blind eye that was turning into the wrong direction and lead it into the right direction for the owners, players, and Major League Baseball, and most of all its fans that are ready to take me out to the ballgame.

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