Unity in Community asks for Donations to help Lucia!

| September 24, 2012

An Open Letter from Director Tom Brimie

Dear Friends and Leyden Alumni,

I am writing to ask / beg for your help. As most of you know the Unity in Community Foundation held a fundraiser last November for a recent Leyden graduate, Lucia Ramirez . Lucia is suffering from an illness that will take her life in the near future. Only thing keeping her alive is her faith, and her will to please God. Lucia is down to about 75 pounds and her heart is now giving her a tough time. She has  about four doctor appointments a week, and getting into the family van is becoming more challenging.
Now the reason I am writing.  At the Ford dealer I work for, we just took in a 1999 Hi Top Conversion van with a wheelchair lift. The van is in really good shape and only has 38,550 miles. It does need a few things to be repaired, but overall it is in good condition. We have had wholesalers offering $9000 for it. My boss, Jack, said if I wanted it for Lucia we could have it for $7000 plus taxes and fees; total $7,800. The reason Jack offered it at a loss to the dealership is that it was his brother Tom that traded it in. Tom has been in a wheelchair for the 24 years I have known Jack. He knows the struggles families go through.
I am looking for as my friend Tex says, “a deep pocket angel” or a lot of Angels making a donation of whatever they can afford. I know there are a lot of good, great causes out there looking for your donation, but if you could find it in your hearts to help Lucia’s family get this van, you will make her final months among us a little more pleasant.
Your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE, as my foundation is a 501 C 3 organization. You can send you checks to:
The Unity in Community Foundation
3019 Emerson St
Franklin Park, IL 60131

Or you can go to our web site and donate through PAYPAL: www.theunityincommunity.org just look for the DONATE link on the right side of the page.

God’s Peace be with you all,

Tom Brimie

The Unity in Community Foundation, nfp
630.918.5969 Cell


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