Video Gaming Coming to Franklin Park

| September 25, 2012

Critics of gambling were not too happy to see the Mayor and Village Board of Franklin Park approve unanimously video gaming at local bars and restaurants. Although a small amount of revenue will come to the Village, 5%, critics claim the negatives far outweigh any profit. The owners will benefit, but the possibility of increased tax issues, social problems, gambling addictions, new crime and bankruptcies present themselves.  However, owners of local bars are hoping the machines will bring in additional customers and revenue. 35% of the money goes back to the establishment. The video gaming law, passed by the General Assembly in 2009, allows for veteran’s organizations, fraternal organizations, truck stops and businesses with retail liquor licenses to have the machines. With the Rivers Casino bringing in millions of dollars each month, owners of local bars hope to tap into some of that money. That just might be a plus for the hometown economy.


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