What’s News In Northlake – September, 2012

| September 3, 2012

Presentation “Gangs in Northlake”

The Knights of Columbus Cardinal Cody Council #8070 of Northlake held its monthly social meeting at St. John Vianney School on Wednesday, August 22nd. The meetings are open to the public and usually present a community specific topic. This month’s topic was “Gangs in Northlake” presented by representatives of the Northlake Police Department. The meeting was well attended by residents, Mayor Jeff Sherwin, and Alderman Mark Werba was also in attendance.

Three officers of a task force named N.E.T. or Neighborhood Enforcement Team were present to speak. They explained how the various gangs look and dress. Explained were different colors and hat positions being a way of identifying a gang member. There was discussion on what areas of the community they are active in and the gang’s different names. Issues of recruiting were brought up by residents and then explained by the police officers speaking. It was stated that gang recruitment can start as early as the sixth grade. More questions were asked by residents about telltale signs of a teen and there possible involvement in a gang. Some signs of gang association may be falling grades, specific drawings of gang graffiti in their school books, and clothing. Some reasons for joining a gang were broken homes, looking to belong somewhere, for protection from other gangs, and simple peer pressure. The officers suggested knowing your children’s friends and giving rides to and from friend’s locations. Once in a gang it is very difficult to leave without severe physical ramifications.

The police officers advised people to be mindful of their neighborhood and call police any time they see gang activity of any kind. Your phone call can be anonymous. The non-emergency number is (708) 531-5755 and of course there is 911.

ALL IN FAVOR – Northlake

AUGUST 6, 2012

Call to order; 06:58 PM

Roll call; all present except for Alderman Penny Feldman and Public Works Director Dale Roberts

Minutes of previous meeting; Not Read…..motion made and approved

Appointments/Re-appointments and oaths; Motion to re-appoint Joe LaPaglia to the Seniors Commission….motion made and approved

Rev. Lawrence Perez and Christopher Negron of U-Turn Christian Center

Reports of standing committees….none

Presentation of petitions, communications, oral comments from mayor, city clerk, treasurer and alderman….none

New Business; the opening of bids for the King Arthur Water Main Improvements – Phase 10 and refer to the engineers for recommendation; 11 sealed bids were opened at the meeting and read each the contractors name and amount of bid…..a motion was made to refer the contracts and bids to the engineers committee where a decision will be made and then announced at the August 20th, 2012 meeting…..it was approved

Motion to approve ordinance O-21-2012; an ordinance annexing Certain Territory of Northlake, Cook County, Illinois (10557 West Fullerton Avenue)…..a motion was made and approved

Executive Session-none

Public Comment; question asked about what’s next with the CMAP project….next meeting Thursday August 9th, 2012 at 06:30 PM in city hall…..resident asked about tree branch removal and that some locations were being passed up, Mayor Sherwin responded that he would look into it and get it taken care of

Adjournment; motion made and approved…..07:24 PM

Finance and rules committee meeting of the whole;

August 6th, 2012

Call to order: 06:33 PM

Roll Call: All present except Alderman Penny Feldman

Review and approve minutes of July 9th, 2012 meeting….Not read…motion made and approved

Approval of invoices over $1,000.00….B&W Control Systems $5,850.00…..motion made and approved

Approval of Warrants and Vouchers…..motion made and approved

Approval of Commission Expenditures…..Ice Cream Party for seniors…..motion made and approved

No Unfinished Business:

New Business…..Discussion and motion to approve Ordinance O-21-2012; An ordinance Annexing Certain Territory of Northlake, Cook County, Illinois (10557 West Fullerton Avenue)…..Brief discussion and then motion made and approved

Adjournment; motion made and accepted…..06:45 PM


Please be advised of an update on the 9-11 services being held by the Northlake- American Legion Post#888. The 9-11 services will now be held at the American Legion Post#888 located at 241 East North Avenue, in Northlake. This solemn event will start at 9AM on Saturday, September 8th, 2012.

Please take note of this so you can attend and show your support for our fallen, but not forgotten police, firefighters and military personnel.

On August 9, 2012 a follow-up public meeting was held involving CMAP, at 6:35PM in the City of Northlake council chambers. This was the presentation of a DRAFT for discussion purposes only.  A representative of CMAP went over a Comprehensive Plan draft produced from the results of their investigation and information compiled at the public CMAP Visioning Workshop meeting held on June 21, 2012.

A hard copy of the draft was also presented to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee consists of the City of Northlake council members and Mayor Jeff Sherwin. This draft will be reviewed by the Steering Committee for possible future implementation options and planning stages.

Some residents of Northlake and members of the City of Northlake Board of Zoning were present. An open house meeting/ presentation are tentative for the months of October or November. The information for this meeting will be made available to the public. If you would like to review the City of Northlake Comprehensive Plan/Draft, visit the CMAP web site at info@cmap.illinois.gov or call   (312)454-0400 with any questions.


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